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140.391, Spring 2019

Pomata, Gianna, Spring 2019, Comfort, Nathaniel, Spring 2019
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1. Blueprint: how DNA makes us who we are Book , Print in English
Robert Plomin. 2018 .

Plomin, Robert, 1948-

In 'Blueprint', behavioral geneticist Robert Plomin describes how the DNA revolution has made DNA personal by giving us the power to predict our psychological strengths and weaknesses from birth. A century of genetic research shows that DNA differences inherited from our parents…
edited by Carlo Ginzburg with Lucio Biasiori. 2019 .

Casuistry, the practice of resolving moral problems by applying a logical framework, has had a much larger historical presence before and since it was given a name in the Renaissance. The contributors to this volume examine a series of case studies to explain how different…
by Efraim Lev, Leigh Chipman. 2012 .

Lev, Efraim.

1. Cairo Genizah and Its Various Collections -- 2. Medical Issues in the Genizah -- 3. Technical Remarks -- ch. 1 Theoretical Background of the Genizah Prescriptions -- 1. Galenic Medicine in Theory and in Practice -- 1.1. Physiology -- 1.2. Therapy -- 2. Pharmacology…
Robert Woods and Chris Galley. 2014 .

Woods, Robert,

Midwives, their women and patients -- Reading case notes -- Sarah Stone, Somerset midwife -- Mrs. Stone's Complete Practice -- William Smellie, man-midwife and instructor -- Dr. Smellie's London cases -- The new obstetrics -- Other cases from London…
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 6, Welch Library
    RG950 .W66 2014 c. 1
Deborah Lupton. 2016 .

Lupton, Deborah,

"With the advent of digital devices and software, self-tracking practices have gained new adherents and have spread into a wide array of social domains. The Quantified Self movement has emerged to promote 'self-knowledge through numbers'. In this groundbreaking book Deborah…
Ian Hacking. 1995 .

Hacking, Ian.

  • Eisenhower C Level
    RC 569.5 .M8 H331 1995 c. 1
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 6, Welch Library
    RC569.5.M8 H33 1995 c. 1
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Catherine Bliss. 2018 .

Bliss, Catherine,

Sociogenomics has rapidly become one of the trendiest sciences of the new millennium. Practitioners view human nature and life outcomes as the result of genetic and social factors. In Social by Nature, Catherine Bliss recognizes the promise of this interdisciplinary young…
8. Thinking in cases Book , Print in English
John Forrester. 2017 .

Forrester, John, 1949-2015,

Today many philosophers and historians of science would acknowledge that there are different kinds of activity that we call science and different kinds of reasoning that are practised in them. But one kind of reasoning that has not received as much attention as it deserves is the…