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100.672, Spring 2019

Lester, Anne, Spring 2019, Spiegel, Gabrielle, Spring 2019
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Elizabeth A. Lambourn, De Montfort University, Leicester. 2018 .

Lambourn, Elizabeth, 1966-

From a single merchant's list of baggage begins a history that explores the dynamic world of medieval Indian Ocean exchanges. This fresh and innovative perspective on Jewish merchant activity shows how this list was a component of broader trade connections that developed between…
Ittai Weinryb, editor ; Fatima Bercht [and 18 others]. 2018 .

"Votive objects or ex-votos are a broad category of material artifacts produced with the intention of being offered as acts of faith. Common across historical periods, religions, and cultures, they are presented as tokens of gratitude for prayers answered, as well as the physical…
  • Eisenhower D Level
    NK1648.A39 2018 QUARTO c. 1
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Oversize Books - Stack Level 8, Welch Library
    NK1648.A39 2018 c. 1
3. Border fetishisms: material objects in unstable spaces Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Patricia Spyer. 1998 .

The essays here explore the varied nature of commodity fetishism in colonial & post-colonial spaces. Using case studies the contributors call for the inclusion of material things within the wider human experience.
Caroline Walker Bynum. 2011 .

Bynum, Caroline Walker.

Nicholas of Cusa and the Hosts of Andechs -- Periodization of Holy Matter -- Materiality -- Beyond "the Body" -- Matter as Paradox -- Image Theory -- Materiality of Images: Two Theoretical Considerations -- Materiality of Images: Examples -- Viewer Response…
5. English language notes Journal/Newspaper , Print in English
1963 .
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    PE 1.E53 c. 1
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Ian Hodder. 2012 .

Hodder, Ian.

1. Thinking About Things Differently -- Approaches to Things -- Themes About Things -- Things are Not Isolated -- Things are Not Inert -- Things Endure over Different Temporalities -- Things Often Appear as Non-things -- Forgetness of Things -- What Is a Thing?…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    GN406 .H63 2012 c. 1
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Peter N. Miller. 2017 .

Miller, Peter N., 1964-

Why historiography matters -- History and things in the twentieth century -- Karl Lamprecht and the "material turn" of 1885 -- Things as historical evidence in the late Renaissance and early Enlightenment…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    GN406 .M555 2017 c. 1
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Daniel Lord Smail. 2016 .

Smail, Daniel Lord,

The values of things -- Credit and coin -- The pursuit of debt -- The plunder -- Violence and resistance.
by Marguerite Keane. 2016 .

Keane, Marguerite A.,

"In Material Culture and Queenship in 14th-century France : The Testament of Blanche of Navarre (1331-1398) Marguerite Keane considers the object collection of the long-lived fourteenth-century French queen Blanche of Navarre, the wife of Philip VI (d. 1350). This queen's…
edited by Tony Bennett and Patrick Joyce. 2010 .

pt. 1 history of the categories -- 1. Matter and materialism: a brief pre-history of the present / John Frow -- 2. Locating matter: the place of materiality in urban history / Chris Otter -- 3. matter of materialism: literary mediations / Bill Brown -- pt. 2 Assembling the state…
edited by Michael Johnston and Michael Van Dussen. 2015 .

"Traditional scholarship on manuscripts has tended to focus on issues concerning their production and has shown comparatively little interest in the cultural contexts of the manuscript book. The Medieval Manuscript Book redresses this by focusing on aspects of the medieval book…
13. The Middle Ages in 50 objects Book , Print in English
Elina Gertsman, Barbara H. Rosenwein. 2018 .

Gertsman, Elina,

"Complex and varied, vibrant and intense, medieval objects demand to be examined closely, to be thought about deeply, to be approached kinesthetically. Extraordinary in the multiplicity of meanings that it harbors and engenders, the material culture of the Middle Ages offers its…
Diana Coole and Samantha Frost, eds. 2010 .

Introducing the new materialisms / Diana Coole and Samantha Frost -- The force of materiality : a vitalist stopover on the way to a new materialism / Jane Bennett -- Nondialectical materialism / Pheng Cheah -- The inertia of matter and the generativity of flesh / Diana Coole…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    B825 .N49 2010 c. 1
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15. Other things Book , Print in English
Bill Brown. 2015 .

Brown, Bill, 1958-

Things in theory -- The matter of modernism -- The secret life of things (Virginia Woolf) -- The modernist object and another thing (Man Ray) -- Concepts and objects, words and things (Philip K. Dick) -- Unhuman history -- The unhuman condition (Hannah Arendt/Bruno Latour)…
Bruno Latour. 2005 .

Latour, Bruno.

Ian Hodder. 2018 .

Hodder, Ian,

"In this engaging exploration, archaeologist Ian Hodder departs from the two prevailing modes of thought about human evolution: the older idea of constant advancement toward a civilized ideal and the newer one of a directionless process of natural selection. Instead, he proposes…