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100.392, Spring 2019

Maciejko, Pawel, Spring 2019
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translated into English with notes, glossary and indices under the editorship of Rabbi… 1936 .

v. 1. Yebamoth, translated by I.W. Slotki -- v. 2. Kethuboth, translated by Samuel Daiches and I.W. Slotki -- v. 3. Nedarim, translated by H. Freedman, Nazir, translated by B.D. Klien, Soṭah, translated by A. Cohen…
Baldesar Castiglione ; edited by Daniel Javitch. 2002 .

Castiglione, Baldassarre, conte, 1478-1529

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    BJ1604.C43 2002 c. 1
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    BJ1604.C43 2002 c. 2
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    BJ1604.C43 2002 c. 3
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Moshe Halbertal ; translated by Jackie Feldman. 2007 .

Halbertal, Moshe.

"During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, great new trends of Jewish thought emerged whose widely varied representatives--Kabbalists, philosophers, and astrologers--each claimed that their particular understanding revealed the actual secret of the Torah. They presented their…
4. Confessions Book , Print in English
Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; translated by Angela Scholar ; edited with an introduction and… 2000 .

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778.

"In his Confessions, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) tells the story of his life, from the formative experiences of his humble childhood in Geneva, through the achievement of international fame as novelist and philosopher in Paris, to his wanderings as an exile, persecuted by…
[translated with introduction and notes by] Carolinne White. 1990 .

Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420.

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    BR 1720 .J5 A4 1990 c. 1
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7. The court society Book , Print in English
Norbert Elias ; translated by Edmund Jephcott ; edited by Stephen Mennell. 2006 .

Elias, Norbert. 1897-1990

8. Dissimulation and deceit in early modern Europe Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Miriam Eliav-Feldon and Tamar Herzig. 2015 .

"A Luso-Malay cosmographer who claimed to have discovered Ophir, a Franciscan friar who headed a delegation of shabby fraudulent emissaries from the Orient, a Dominican tertiary's confirmed stigmata eventually revealed as fraud but later venerated again as saintly, a Jewish…
Leszek Kolakowski. 1995 .

Kołakowski, Leszek.

Pt. 1. Why Did the Catholic Church Condemn the Teaching of Saint Augustine? Does God Command Impossible Things? Does God Compel Us to Be Good? Although Unfree, We Are Free. Can We Reject God? For Whom Did Jesus Die? What Was Wrong with Augustine? A Remark on the Antecedents o…
Robert Alter. 2019 .

"A landmark event: the complete Hebrew Bible in the award-winning translation that delivers the stunning literary power of the original. A masterpiece of deep learning and fine sensibility, Robert Alter's translation of the Hebrew Bible, now complete, reanimates one of the…
14. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, transparency and obstruction Book , Print in English , French
Jean Starobinski ; translated by Arthur Goldhammer ; with an introduction by Robert J.… 1988 .

Starobinski, Jean.

15. The letters of Machiavelli Book , Print in English
a selection of his letters. 1961 .

Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.

16. Les liaisons dangereuses Book , Print in English
Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ; translated and edited by Douglas Parmée ; introduction by… 2008 .

Laclos, Choderlos de, 1741-1803.

Set in 18th century France, this is the story of two bored aristocrats and the havoc they wreak when they play dangerous games with people's lives. The beautiful widow Merteuil challenges rakish Valmont to seduce a virtuous young married woman, never suspecting that he would…
Catalina de Erauso ; translated from the Spanish by Michele Stepto and Gabriel Stepto ;… 1996 .

Erauso, Catalina de, approximately 1592.

"English version of Historia de la monja alférez (1988), the 'autobiographical' account of a Basque woman who fled convent life in Spain; made her way to the Indies disguised as a page boy; and spent 22 years as a soldier in the colonies, mostly in Chile and the Perus, in early…
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    CT1358.E7 A3 1996 c. 1
18. Life's a dream Book , Print in English
Pedro Calderón de la Barca ; a prose translation and critical introduction by Michael… 2004 .

Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, 1600-1681,

"Life's a Dream (La vida es sueno, 1636) is the best known and most widely admired play of Catholic Europe's greatest dramatist, Pedro Calderon de la Barca. Calderon's long life (1600-1681) witnessed both the pinnacle and collapse of Spanish political power as well as the great…
Friedrich Meinecke ; translated by Douglas Scott ; with an introduction by Werner Stark. 1957 .

Meinecke, Friedrich, 1862-1954.

Bk. 1. Age of Nascent Absolutism -- 1. Machiavelli -- 2. First Opponents of Machiavellism in France: Gentillet and Bodin -- 3. Botero and Boccalini -- 4. Campanella -- 5. Spread of the Doctrine of Raison D'etat in Italy and Germany…
21. Phenomenology and art Book , Print in English
José Ortega y Gasset ; translated, with an introd. by Philip W. Silver. 1975 .

Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955.

Autobiography and phenomenology: Preface for Germans (1934).--Phenomenology and theory of knowledge: Sensation, construction, and intuition (1913). On the concept of sensation (1913). Consciousness, the object, and its three distances (1916)…
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    B4568.O72 E5 1975 c. 1
David Runciman. 2008 .

Runciman, David.

Introduction -- Hobbes and the mask of power -- Mandeville and the virtues of vice -- The American Revolution and the art of sincerity -- Bentham and the utility of fiction -- Victorian democracy and Victorian hypocrisy -- Orwell and the hypocrisy of ideology…
23. The provincial letters Book , Online in English
24. The provincial letters Book , Print in English , French
[Translated by Thomas M'Crie] Pensées. [Translated by W. F. Trotter] Scientific… 1955 .

Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662.

25. Reveries of the solitary walker Book , Print in English
Jean-Jacques Rousseau; translated with an introduction and notes by Russell Goulbourne. 2011 .

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778

David M. Gitlitz. 1996 .

Gitlitz, David M. (David Martin)

Converso Chronology -- Ch. I. Conversions and Conversos through 1492 -- Ch. II. Conversos after 1492 -- Ch. III. The Major Points of Controversy -- Ch. IV. The Crypto-Jewish Belief System -- Ch. V. Attitudes toward Christian Beliefs -- Ch. VI. Superstitions…
27. Theatre of the world Book , Print in English
Frances A. Yates. 2009 .

Yates, Frances Amelia.

"The book is primarily centred on John Dee and Robert Fludd"--Preface.
28. Treatises on various subjects Book , Print in English
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29. Valmont Video/Film , DVD in English , French
Claude Berri and Renn Productions present a Milos Forman film ; screenplay by… 1989 .

The vindictive widow Merteuil bets her friend debaucherous Valmont that he cannot seduce the virtuous (and married) Madame de Tourvel. If Valmont succeeds he may also bed Merteuil, but if he fails he must join a monastery. Set amongst the aristocracy in France in the 18th…