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010.409, Spring 2019

Hyman, Aaron, Spring 2019
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Evonne Levy. 2015 .

Levy, Evonne Anita, 1961-

"This study in intellectual history places the art historical concept of the Baroque amidst world events, political thought, and the political views of art historians themselves. Exploring the political biographies and writings on the Baroque (primarily its architecture) of five…
2. Baroque visual rhetoric Book , Print in English
Vernon Hyde Minor. 2016 .

Minor, Vernon Hyde,

"Intricate, expressive, given to grandeur and even excess, Baroque art as a style is inseparable from the meanings it seeks to convey. Vernon Hyde Minor's Baroque Visual Rhetoric probes this combination of style and message and--equally importantly --the methodological basis on…
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3. The Catholic Rubens: saints and martyrs Book , Print in English
Willibald Sauerländer ; translated by David Dollenmayer. 2014 .

Sauerländer, Willibald,

note: I. Pagan Prelude -- Steadfast Death of Seneca -- II. In the Reflection of the Thirty Years War -- 1. Maria Victoria: The New High Altar for the Freising Cathedral -- 2. Dynastic Return to the Old Faith: The Archangel Michael Altar for Duke Wilhelm of Pfalz-Neuburg…
José Antonio Maravall ; translated by Terry Cochran ; foreword by Wlad Godzich and… 1986 .

Maravall, José Antonio.

Nicholas Spadaccini and Luis Martín-Estudillo, editors. 2005 .

The Baroque and the cultures of crises / Nicholas Spadaccini and Luis Martín-Estudillo -- On the notion of a melancholic Baroque / Fernando R. De la Flor -- Aesthetic categories as empire administration imperatives : the case of the Baroque / Hernán Vidal…
edited by Evonne Levy and Kenneth Mills. 2013 .

7. Mochi's edge and Bernini's baroque Book , Print in English
Estelle Lingo. 2017 .

Lingo, Estelle Cecile,

This book takes the extraordinary art of the Tuscan sculptor Francesco Mochi (1580-1654) as the entry point for an inquiry into the historical and cultural forces reshaping sculpture at the beginning of the seventeenth century. This book takes the extraordinary art of the Tuscan…
edited by Walter Moser, Angela Ndalianis, Peter Krieger. 2017 .

9. The origins of Baroque art in Rome Book , Print in English
Alois Riegl ; edited and translated by Andrew Hopkins and Arnold Witte ; essays by Alina… 2010 .

Riegl, Alois, 1858-1905.

Beyond Kunstwollen: Alois Riegl and the Baroque / Alina Payne -- Reconstructing Riegl's Entstehung der Barockkunst in Rom / Arnold Witte -- Riegl Renaissances / Andrew Hopkins -- Origins of Baroque Art in Rome -- Preface -- Contents -- Introduction -- Literature -- Sources…
10. Propaganda and the Jesuit Baroque Book , Print in English
Evonne Levy. 2004 .

Levy, Evonne Anita, 1961-

The "Jesuit style" -- Rhetoric versus propaganda -- The propagandist -- Message -- Diffusion -- Postscript from Berlin.
11. Renaissance and baroque Book , Print in English , German
Translated by Kathrin Simon. With an introd. by Peter Murray. 1966 .

Wölfflin, Heinrich, 1864-1945.

12. Rethinking the Baroque Book , Print in English
edited by Helen Hills. 2011 .

Scholars from a range of disciplines retrieve the term 'baroque' from the margins of art history where it has been sidelines as 'anachronistic', to reconsider the usefulness of the term 'baroque', while avoiding simply rehearsing familiar policing of periodization, stylistic…
Victor I. Stoichita ; translated by Anne-Marie Glasheen. 1997 .

Stoichiṭă, Victor Ieronim.

"Arguing that panel painting, from its origins in the Early Renaissance, was a "self-aware image," Stoichita demonstrates that the artists and their art were often the theme of the painting. He also examines the mirror effect and other "splitting" strategies such as the mise en…
Victor I. Stoichita ; English translation by Anne-Marie Glasheen ; revised by Lorenzo… 2015 .

Stoichiță, Victor Ieronim,

The notion of the painting as an art object is a relatively recent invention. This book offers an impressive and complex account of the origins and development of this invention from the late Renaissance through the end of the baroque age. In comparison to the "old" image…
15. Three essays on style Book , Print in English
Erwin Panofsky ; edited by Irving Lavin ; with a memoir by William S. Heckscher. 1997 .

Panofsky, Erwin, 1892-1968.

"The studies concern broadly defined problems of style in art—the visual symptoms endemic to works of a certain period (Baroque), medium (film), or national identity (England)—as opposed to the focus on iconography and subject matter usually associated with Panofsky's "method."…
16. Ultra baroque: aspects of post Latin American art Book , Print in English , Spanish
Elizabeth Armstrong, Victor Zamudio-Taylor ; with contributions by Miki Garcia, Serge… 2000 .

Armstrong, Elizabeth.

17. The universal Baroque Book , Print in English
Peter Davidson. 2007 .

Davidson, Peter, 1957-

British baroque -- Hybridity; mestizaje; cultural bilinguality -- The shape of the baroque world: learning the baroque -- Epilogue.