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070.207, Spring 2019

Ozden-Schilling, Thomas, Spring 2019
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Vincanne Adams. 2013 .

Adams, Vincanne, 1959-,

"Markets of Sorrow, Labors of Faith is an ethnographic account of long-term recovery in post-Katrina New Orleans. It is also a sobering exploration of the privatization of vital social services under market-driven governance. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, public agencies…
Donald Worster. 1994 .

Worster, Donald, 1941-

Pt. 1. Two Roads Diverged: Ecology in the Eighteenth Century. Ch. 1. Science in Arcadia. Ch. 2. The Empire of Reason -- Pt. 2. The Subversive Science: Thoreau's Romantic Ecology. Ch. 3. A Naturalist in Concord. Ch. 4. Nature Looking into Nature. Ch. 5. Roots and Branches…
edited by Elizabeth Emma Ferry and Mandana E. Limbert. 2008 .

1. Introduction / Mandana E. Limbert / Elizabeth Emma Ferry -- 2. Depleted Futures: Anticipating the End of Oil in Oman / Mandana E. Limbert -- 3. Rocks of Ages: Temporal Trajectories of Mexican Mined Substances / Elizabeth Emma Ferry…