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070.669, Spring 2019

Ozden-Schilling, Thomas, Spring 2019
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Annelise Riles. 2011 .

Riles, Annelise.

What is collateral? : on legal technique -- The technocratic state -- Unwinding technocracy -- Placeholders : engaging the Hayekian critique of financial regulation -- Virtual transparency.
Marisol de la Cadena ; foreword by Robert J. Foster and Daniel R. Reichman. 2015 .

Cadena, Marisol de la,

note: Story 1 Agreeing to Remember, Translating, and Carefully Co-laboring -- Interlude 1 Mariano Turpo: A Leader In-Ayllu -- Story 2 Mariano Engages "the Land Struggle": An Unthinkable Indian Leader -- Story 3 Mariano's Cosmopolitics: Between Lawyers and Ausangate…
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger ; foreword by Tim Lenoir. 2010 .

Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg.

Ludwik Fleck, Edmund Husserl : on the historicity of scientific knowledge -- Gaston Bachelard : the concept of "phenomenotechnique" -- Georges Canguilhem : epistemological history -- Pisum : Carl Correns's experiments on Xenia, 1896-99…
edited by Aihwa Ong and Stephen J. Collier. 2005 .

Global assemblages, anthropological problems / Stephen J. Collier and Aihwa Ong -- On regimes of living / Stephen J. Collier and Andrew Lakoff -- Midst anthropology's problems / Paul Rabinow -- Stem cells r us : emergent life forms and the global biological / Sarah Franklin…
edited by Edward J. Hackett ... [et al.]. 2008 .

I. Ideas and Perspectives / Michael Lynch -- 1. Science and Technology Studies and an Engaged Program / Sergio Sismondo -- 2. Social Study of Science before Kuhn / Stephen Turner -- 3. Political Theory in Science and Technology Studies / Charles Thorpe…
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6. Knowledge and social imagery Book , Print in English
David Bloor. 1991 .

Bloor, David.

Kalindi Vora. 2015 .

Vora, Kalindi, 1976-

Limits of labor : affect and the biological in transnational surrogacy and service work -- Call center agents : commodified affect and the biocapital of care -- Information technology professionals : innovation and uncertain futures…
9. The public and its problems Book , Print in English
by John Dewey. 1991 .

Dewey, John, 1859-1952,

edited by Thomas C. Heller, Morton Sosna, and David E. Wellbery. 1986 .

Ian Hacking. 1983 .

Hacking, Ian.

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    Q 175 .H21 1983 c. 2
edited by Sheila Jasanoff. 2004 .