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010.398, Spring 2019

Deleonardis, Lisa, Spring 2019
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Erik R. Seeman. 2011 .

Seeman, Erik R.

one. Origins of Wendake -- two. Catholicism and Colonization -- three. First Encounters -- four. Feast of the Dead -- five. Epidemic Tensions -- six. Conversion and Conflict -- Seven Destruction.
Johan Reinhard and Maria Constanza Ceruti. 2010 .

Reinhard, Johan.

pt. 1. Description. Introduction: Historical and geographical background ; Archaeological sites leading to Llullaillaco's Summit ; The ceremonial site on the summit…
3. Journal of Latin American lore Journal/Newspaper , Print in English , Spanish
1975 .
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    • v.1 (1975)-v.10 (1984)
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    GR 1.J6 c. 1
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4. Moche tombs at Dos Cabezas Book , Print in English
Christopher B. Donnan. 2007 .

Donnan, Christopher B.

Ch. 1. Introduction -- Ch. 2. Tomb A -- Ch. 3. Tomb B -- Ch. 4. Architectural Modifications -- Ch. 5. Tomb 2 -- Ch. 6. Tomb 3 -- Ch. 7. Tomb 1 -- Ch. 8. Observations and Conclusions -- App. Vertebrate Faunal Remains.
5. Mummies, disease, and ancient cultures Book , Print in English
edited by Aidan and Eve Cockburn. 1980 .

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    GN293 .M85 1980 c. 1