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100.430, Spring 2019

Larson, Pier, Spring 2019
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George Paul Meiu. 2017 .

Meiu, George Paul,

Moran sexuality and the geopolitics of alterity -- Livelihood and respectability in hard times -- Slippery intimacy and ethno-erotic commodification -- Shortcut money, gossip, and precarious (be)longings -- Marriage, madness, and the unruly rhythms of respectability…
Lynn M. Thomas. 2003 .

Thomas, Lynn M.

By examining the political significance of reproductive controversies in 20th century Kenya, this book explores why and how control of female initiation, abortion, childbirth and premarital pregnancy have been crucial to the exercise of colonial and postcolonial power.
Lynn M. Thomas. 2003 .

Thomas, Lynn M.

Imperial populations and "women's affairs" -- Colonial uplift and girl-midwives -- Mau Mau and the girls who "circumcised themselves" -- Late colonial customs and wayward schoolgirls -- Postcolonial nationalism and "modern" single mothers.
Ch. Didier Gondola. 2016 .

Gondola, Ch. Didier, 1966-

Part I. Falling men -- "Big men" -- A colonial Cronos -- Missionary interventions -- Part II. Man up! -- Tropical cowboys -- Performing masculinities -- Protectors and predators -- Part III. Metamorphoses -- Pere Buffalo -- Avatars.
Erica van der Sijpt. 2018 .

Sijpt, Erica van der, 1983-

Introduction -- Terrains in transformation -- Pregnancies in practice -- Rural respect -- Urban horizons -- Discourses of decision-making -- Conclusion.
7. Women in twentieth-century Africa Book , Print in English
Iris Berger. 2016 .

Berger, Iris, 1941-

Colonizing African families -- Confrontation and adaptation -- Domesticity and modernization -- Mothers of nationalism -- The struggle continues -- "Messengers of a new design": marriage, family and sexuality -- Women's rights: the second decolonization?…