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100.103, Spring 2019

Rowe, Erin, Spring 2019
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Robert S. Miola. 2007 .

Miola, Robert S.

Controversies -- On the New Testament, 1516 / Desiderius Erasmus -- On free will, 1524 / Desiderius Erasmus -- dialogue concerning heresies, 1529 / Thomas More -- treatise on Mary, Queen of Scots, 1566 / Edmund Plowden…
2. Early modern Europe, 1450-1789 Book , Print in English
Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks. 2013 .

Wiesner, Merry E., 1952-,

"The title of this book, and perhaps also of the course for which you are reading it, is Early Modern Europe. The dates in the title inform you about the chronological span covered (1450-1789), but they do not explain the designation "early modern." That term was developed by…
3. Journey of five Capuchin nuns Book , Print in English
[by María Rosa] ; edited and translated by Sarah E. Owens. 2009 .

María Rosa, Madre, 1660-1716.

Through the eyes of the Mother Abbess, Maria Rosa, the reader is taken along on this journey through wars, pirates, disease, travel on the high seas, and treacherous mountain passes in the Andes.
4. Paternal tyranny Book , Print in English
Arcangela Tarabotti ; edited and translated by Letizia Panizza. 2004 .

Tarabotti, Arcangela.

"Sharp-witted and sharp-tongued, Arcangela Tarabotti (1604-52) yearned to be formally educated and enjoy an independent life in Venetian literary circles. But instead, at sixteen, her father forced her into a Benedictine convent. To protest her confinement, Tarabotti composed…
edited and translated by Valerie Worth-Stylianou. 2013 .

New treatise on hysterotomotoky, or childbirth by Cesarean (1581) / François Rousset -- Three books dealing with the infirmities and illnesses of women (1582) / Jean Liebault -- On the safe delivery of women (1609) / Jacques Guillemeau…
  • Eisenhower C Level
    RG518.F8 P744 2013 c. 1
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 6, Welch Library
    RG518.F8 P744 2013 c. 1
6. Race and the enlightenment: a reader Book , Print in English
edited by Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze. 1997 .

1. The God-given Order of Nature. Homo in The System of Nature / Carl von Linne -- 2. The Geographical and Cultural Distribution of Mankind. Comte de Buffon, A Natural History, General and Particular / Georges-Louis Leclerc…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    HT 1507 .R33 1997 c. 1
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edited by Denis R. Janz. 2008 .

Janz's selection of more than 100 carefully edited primary documents captures the energy and moment of that tumultuous time. The new edition incorporates a dozen readings by and about women in the Reformation, adds a new chapter on Thomas Muntzer and the Peasants' War, and adds…
edited by Denis R. Janz. 1999 .

The late medieval background -- Martin Luther -- Zwingli and the radical reformation -- John Calvin -- The reformation in England -- The counter/Catholic reformation.
9. Sources of the Western tradition Book , Print in English
[edited by] Marvin Perry, Joseph R. Peden, Theodore H. Von Laue. 2008 .

v. 1. From ancient times to the Enlightenment -- v. 2. From the Renaissance to the present.