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100.478, Spring 2019

Kim, Yumi, Spring 2019
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Micheal S. Molasky. 1999 .

Molasky, Michael S., 1956-

Introduction: Burned-out ruins and barbed-wire fences -- occupation of Japan as history -- occupation in mainland Japanese literature and criticism -- Okinawa: From premodern kingdom to Japanese prefecture -- Battle of Okinawa and the American occupation (1945-72)…
Christopher Nelson. 2008 .

Nelson, Christopher T., 1961-

Introduction: The battlefield of memory -- Fujiki Hayato : the storyteller -- The heritage of his times : Teruya Rinsuke and ethnographic storytelling -- The classroom of the everyday : Fujiki Hayato and his "Shima to asobimanabu" seminar -- In a samurai village…
Timothy D. Amos. 2011 .

Amos, Timothy D., 1973-

Introduction to the Buraku Problem -- Problem of Buraku History -- The Problem of Buraku Discrimination -- Modernity as Purgatory -- Walking to Liberty in Osaka -- Narrating Buraku Experience in Contemporary Japan -- Epilogue : Return from Discursive Exile.
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David L. Howell. 2005 .

Howell, David Luke.

The geography of status -- Status and the politics of the quotidian -- Violence and the abolition of outcaste status -- Ainu identity and the early modern state -- The geography of civilization -- Civilization and enlightenment -- Ainu identity and the Meiji State.
edited by Laura Hein and Mark Selden. 2003 .

Wolves at the back door / Matt Allen -- Waging peace on Okinawa / Gerald Figal -- Memories of Okinawa / Steve Rabson -- The rape of a schoolgirl, discourses of power and women's lives in Okinawa / Linda Isako Angst -- Medoruma Shun / Michael Molasky…
edited by Davinder L. Bhowmik and Steve Rabson. 2016 .

Hope / by Medoruma Shun ; translated by Steve Rabson -- The Kunenbo orange trees / by Yamagusuku Seichū ; translated by Carolyn Morley -- Black diamonds / by Ōta Ryōhaku ; translated by Amy C. Franks…
8. Japan and imperialism, 1853-1945 Book , Print in English
James L. Huffman. 2017 .

Huffman, James L., 1941-

Threatened by imperialism (1853-1868) -- The Meiji order: establishing borders (1868-1890) -- The imperialist turn (1890-1905) -- Pursuing the logic of empire (1905-1919) -- Quieter expansion (1919-1929) -- Three crises (1929-1932)…
edited by Sonia Ryang. 2000 .

"Koreans in Japan are a barely known minority not only in the West but also within Japan itself. Their indistinguishable appearance from Japanese, their cultural literacy in Japanese society, and their fluency of the language make it all the more difficult to grasp the reality of…
10. Legacies of the comfort women of World War II Book , Print in English
Margaret Stetz and Bonnie B.C. Oh, editors. 2001 .

Saundra Pollock Sturdevant and Brenda Stoltzfus. 1992 .

Sturdevant, Saundra Pollock.

Wendy Matsumura. 2015 .

Matsumura, Wendy, 1977-

The birth of Okinawa prefecture and the creation of difference -- The Miyako Island Peasantry Movement as an event -- Reforming old customs, transforming women's work -- The impossibility of plantation sugar in Okinawa…
13. Okinawa: two postwar novellas Book , Print in English
by Ōshiro Tatsuhiro and Higashi Mineo ; translated with an introduction and afterword… 1989 .

The Cocktail party / by Ōshiro Tatsuhiro -- Child of Okinawa / by Higashi Mineo.
Masamichi S. Inoue. 2007 .

Inoue, Masamichi S., 1962-

"In 1995, an Okinawan schoolgirl was brutally raped by several U.S. servicemen. Using this event as a point of reference, Masamichi S. Inoue explores how Okinawans began to regard themselves less as a group of uniformly poor and oppressed people and more as a confident, diverse,…
15. Pachinko Book , Print in English
Min Jin Lee. 2017 .

Lee, Min Jin,

"A new tour de force from the bestselling author of Free Food for Millionaires, for readers of The Kite Runner and Cutting for Stone. PACHINKO follows one Korean family through the generations, beginning in early 1900s Korea with Sunja, the prized daughter of a poor yet proud…
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Amy Stanley ; foreword by Matthew H. Sommer. 2012 .

Stanley, Amy, 1978-

This book traces the social history of early modern Japan's sex trade, from its beginnings in seventeenth-century cities to its apotheosis in the nineteenth-century countryside. Drawing on legal codes, diaries, town registers, petitions, and criminal records, it describes how the…
Bill Mihalopoulos. 2011 .

Mihalopoulos, Bill,

Acknowledgements -- Note on Japanese Names -- Introduction: in the beginning was the prostitute -- 1. Another Japan: sex and women's work -- 2. Creating the archive: the power of the pen -- 3. Sexuality and class: prostitution and the Japanese Woman's Christian Temperance Union…
Herman Ooms. 1996 .

Ooms, Herman.

1. "Mountains of Resentment": One Woman's Struggle Against Tokugawa Authority -- 2. Class Politics -- 3. Status Power -- 4. Village Autonomy -- 5. Status and State Racism: From Kawata to Eta -- 6. The Tokugawa Juridical Field and the Power of Law…
edited by Peter Nosco, James Ketelaar, Yasunori Kojima. 2015 .

"The chapters in this volume variously challenge a number of long-standing assumptions regarding eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese society, and especially that society's values, structure and hierarchy; the practical limits of state authority; and the emergence of…
Gregory Smits. 1999 .

Smits, Gregory, 1960-

"Between 1609 and 1879, the geographical, political, and ideological status of the Kingdom of Ryukyu (modern Okinawa) was characterized by its ambiguity. It was subordinate to its larger neighbors, China and Japan, yet an integral part of neither. In this innovative and…
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