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100.390, Spring 2019

Lester, Anne, Spring 2019
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Usama ibn Munqidh ; translated with an Introduction and notes by Paul M. Cobb. 2008 .

Usāmah ibn Munqidh, 1095-1188.

"This book contains the autobiographical works of Usama ibn Munqidh, a twelfth-century Arab aristocrat. Full of detail, wit and melancholy, Usama's narrative anecdotes illustrate the inscrutability of God's will in life, as well as providing a memorable record of Islam's long…
2. Chronicles of the Crusades Book , Print in English
Joinville & Villehardouin ; translated with an introduction by M.R.B. Shaw. 1963 .

The conquest of Constantinople / Villehardouin -- The life of Saint Louis / Joinville.
3. Chronicles of the First Crusade, 1096-1099 Book , Print in English
edited and with an introduction by Christopher Tyerman. 2012 .

The call to arms -- The first victims -- The journey to the East -- The first victories -- The Siege of Antioch -- The holy lance -- Divided leadership -- Miracles on the road -- Jerusalem -- Rejoicing and lamentation.
5. Crusader castles Book , Print in English
Hugh Kennedy. 1994 .

Kennedy, Hugh (Hugh N.)

1. Prologue to the study of Crusader castles -- 2. Fortification in the west and east before the First Crusade -- 3. Castles of the twelfth-century Kingdom of Jerusalem…
6. The crusades: a history Book , Print in English
Jonathan Riley-Smith. 2005 .

Riley-Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher, 1938-

"This comprehensive history provides a wealth of fascinating detail about the Crusades and the politics and personalities behind them. This new edition includes revisions throughout as well as a new Preface and Afterword in which Jonathan Riley-Smith surveys recent developments…
7. The Crusades: a very short introduction Book , Print in English
Christopher Tyerman. 2005 .

Tyerman, Christopher.

8. The Crusades and visual culture Book , Print in English
edited by Elizabeth Lapina, April Jehan Morris, Susanna A. Throop and Laura J. Whatley. 2015 .

note: 1. Frankish Icon: Art and Devotion in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem / Lisa Mahoney -- 2. Role and Meanings of the Image of St. Peter in the Crusader Sculpture of Nazareth: A New Reading / Gil Fishhof…
9. God's war: a new history of the Crusades Book , Print in English
Christopher Tyerman. 2006 .

Tyerman, Christopher.

Introduction : Europe and the Mediterranean -- 1. origins of Christian Holy War -- 2. summons to Jerusalem -- 3. March to Constantinople -- 4. road to the Holy Sepulchre -- 5. foundation of Christian outremer -- 6. Latin states…
by Bernard of Clairvaux ; translated by M. Conrad Greenia ; introduction by Malcolm… 2008 .

Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 1091-1153,

11. The literature of war Book , Print in English
Thomas Riggs, editor. 2012 .

Theories -- Art of War / Niccolo Machiavelli -- Art of War / Sun Tzu -- "Civil Disobedience" / Henry David Thoreau -- Guerrilla Warfare / Ernesto "Che" Guevara -- On Guerrilla Warfare / Mao Zedong -- On War / Carl von Clausewitz -- Strategy / B. H. Liddell Hart -- Histories…
translated by Peter Jackson ; introduction, notes and appendices by Peter Jackson with… 1990 .

Ruysbroeck, Willem van, approximately 1210-approximately 1270.

edited by Renana Bartal, Neta Bodner, and Bianca Kühnel. 2017 .

Foreward / Caroline Walker Bynam -- Natural materials, place, and representation / Renana Bartal, Neta Bodner, and Bianca Kühnel -- Collecting and Collections. Earth, stone, water, and oil : objects of veneration in Holy Land travel narratives / Ora Limor…