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100.486, Spring 2019

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edited by Ann D. Gordon with Bettye Collier-Thomas ... [et al.]. 1997 .

Introduction / Ann D. Gordon -- African American Women and the Vote: An Overview / Rosalyn Terborg-Penn -- Architects of a Vision: Black Women and Their Antebellum Quest for Political and Social Equality / Willi Coleman…
Jane Dailey. 2009 .

Dailey, Jane Elizabeth, 1963-

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Micki McElya. 2007 .

McElya, Micki, 1972-

"When Aunt Jemima beamed at Americans from the pancake mix box on grocery shelves, many felt reassured by her broad smile that she and her product were dependable. She was everyone's mammy, the faithful slave who was content to cook and care for whites, no matter how grueling the…
Micki McElya. 2007 .

McElya, Micki, 1972-

Introduction : The faithful slave -- The life of "Aunt Jemima" -- Anxious performances -- The line between mother and mammy -- Monumental power -- The violence of affection -- Confronting the mammy problem -- Epilogue : Recasting the faithful slave.
5. Jane Crow: the life of Pauli Murray Book , Print in English
Rosalind Rosenberg. 2017 .

Rosenberg, Rosalind, 1946-

" Throughout her prodigious life, activist and lawyer Pauli Murray systematically fought against all arbitrary distinctions in society, channeling her outrage at the discrimination she faced to make America a more democratic country. In this definitive biography, Rosalind…
David T.Z. Mindich. 1998 .

Mindich, David T. Z., 1963-

"If American journalism were a religion, then its supreme deity would be "objectivity." Although it has remained the orbital sun of all journalistic ethics, objectivity, until now, has had no biographer. David Mindich here journeys back to the nineteenth century to recover the…
7. Reporting civil rights Book , Print in English
advisory board, Clayborne Carson ... [et al.]. 2003 .

From A. Philip Randolph's defiant call in 1941 for African Americans to march on Washington to Alice Walker in 1973, Reporting civil rights presents firsthand accounts of the revolutionary events that overthrew segregation in the United States. This two-volume anthology brings…
8. The strange career of Jim Crow Book , Print in English
C. Vann Woodward ; with a new afterword by William S. McFeely. 1955 .

Woodward, C. Vann (Comer Vann), 1908-1999.

Of old regimes and reconstructions -- Forgotten alternatives -- Capitulation to racism -- The man on the cliff -- The declining years of Jim Crow -- The career becomes stranger.