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040.420, Spring 2019

Dean, Gabrielle, Spring 2019
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Sean Brady. 2012 .

Brady, Sean, 1964-

1. Introduction / Sean Brady -- 2. Problem in Greek Ethics / John Addington Symonds -- 3. Problem in Modern Ethics / John Addington Symonds -- 4. Untitled Essay / John Addington Symonds.
edited by Amber K. Regis. 2016 .

This edition is the first to reproduce John Addington Symondś™s Memoirs in its entirety. It offers a panoramic view of middle-class Victorian life, shedding light upon sexual cultures and life histories too often hidden from history. Symonds (1840-93) began writing his Memoirs…
David M. Halperin. 1990 .

Halperin, David M., 1952-

Halperin's subject is the erotics of male culture in ancient Greece. Arguing that the modern concept of "homosexuality" is an inadequate tool for the interpretation of these features of sexual life in antiquity, Halperin offers an alternative account that accords greater…