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100.408, Fall 2019

Moss, Ken, Fall 2019
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William E. Connolly. 2017 .

Connolly, William E.,

This quick and engaging study clearly lays out the United States' current democratic crisis. Examining the early stages of the Nazi movement in Germany, William E. Connolly detects synergies with Donald Trump's rhetorical style. Tapping into a sense of contemporary fragility,…
Bruno Latour ; translated by Catherine Porter. 2018 .

Latour, Bruno,

"The present ecological mutation has organized the whole political landscape for the last thirty years. This could explain the deadly cocktail of exploding inequalities, massive deregulation, and conversion of the dream of globalization into a nightmare for most people. What…
3. Durable inequality Online in English
4. Durable inequality Book , Print in English
Charles Tilly. 1998 .

Tilly, Charles.

Annotation Provides a fresh look at the causes and effects of inequality, drawing attention to the place of unequal categories in exploitation.
edited by Paul Rabinow and Nikolas Rose. 2003 .

Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984

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6. From Max Weber: essays in sociology Book , Print in English
translated, edited, and with an introd., by H.H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills. 1958 .

Weber, Max, 1864-1920.

Introduction: The man and his work: 1. A biographical view -- 2. Political concerns -- 3. Intellectual orientations -- pt. 1. Science and politics: 4. Politics as a vocation -- 5. Science as a vocation -- pt. 2. Power: 6. Structures of power -- 7. Class, status, party…
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Charles E. Lindblom. 2001 .

Lindblom, Charles Edward, 1917-

9. On the postcolony Book , Print in English
Achille Mbembe. 2001 .

Mbembé, J.-A., 1957-

Bryan S. Turner. 2011 .

Turner, Bryan S.

pt. I Theoretical frameworks: the problem of religion in sociology -- 1. Religion, religions and the body -- 2. Emile Durkheim and the classification of religion -- 3. Max Weber and comparative religion -- 4. Talcott Parsons and the expressive revolution…
11. Risk society: towards a new modernity Book , Print in English
Ulrich Beck ; translated by Mark Ritter. 1992 .

Beck, Ulrich, 1944-2015-

Introduction / Scott Lash and Brian Wynne -- Pt. I. Living on the Volcano of Civilization: the Contours of the Risk Society. Ch. 1. On the Logic of Wealth Distribution and Risk Distribution. Ch. 2. The Politics of Knowledge in the Risk Society…
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Rob Nixon. 2011 .

Nixon, Rob, 1954-

The violence wrought by climate change, toxic drift, deforestation, oil spills, and the environmental aftermath of war takes place gradually and often invisibly. Using the innovative concept of "slow violence" to describe these threats, the author focuses on the inattention we…