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010.390, Fall 2019

Deleonardis, Lisa, Fall 2019
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Susan Toby Evans, editor. 2010 .

Dumbarton Oaks.

"Five hundred years ago, a sustained and permanent contact was begun between the Old World and the New. By 1519 Spanish soldiers were marveling at the wealth and extent of the Aztec Empire, and by the summer of 1521 they began to control it on behalf of Spain. A few…
Richard F. Townsend, general editor ; with essays by Patricia Rieff Anawalt ... [et al.] 1998 .

"Encompassing the modern states of Jalisco, Colima, and Nayarit, the archaeological region of ancient West Mexico is renowned for its spectacular earthenware tomb sculpture, the legacy of societies that flourished there between 200 B.C. and A.D. 800. This book and the major…
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    F1219.A7 A53 1998 QUARTO c. 1
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    F1219.A7 A53 1998 QUARTO c. 2
3. Animals into art Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Howard Morphy. 1989 .

Mary Ellen Miller. 2019 .

Miller, Mary Ellen,

"Expanded and revised in its sixth edition, The Art of Mesoamerica surveys the artistic achievements of the high pre-Hispanic civilizations of Central America--Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Aztec--as well as those of their lesser-known contemporaries. Providing an…
5. The art of Mesoamerica: from Olmec to Aztec Book , Print in English
Mary Ellen Miller. 2012 .

Miller, Mary Ellen.

"Mary Ellen Miller evocatively surveys the artistic achievements of the high pre-Columbian civilizations Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Aztec as well as those of their less-well-known contemporaries. Their pyramids and palaces, jades and brightly colored paintings emerge from…
6. The Aztec empire Book , Print in English
curated by Felipe Solís. 2004 .

Introduction / Felipe Solís -- Art in the Aztec empire: Traces of an identity / Beatriz de la Fuente -- The Aztecs and the natural world: The basin of Mexico as a habitat for pre-Hispanic farmers / William T. Sanders…
curated by Felipe Solís. 2004 .

Linda Schele, Mary Ellen Miller ; photographs by Justin Kerr. 1986 .

Schele, Linda.

By making full use of the progress in deciphering the Maya hieroglyphic code, this examines the world and minds of the creators of Maya art, including a look at the Maya calendar.
9. Circa 1492: art in the age of exploration Book , Print in English
edited by Jay A. Levenson. 1991 .

Elizabeth P. Benson, editor. 1972 .

Olmec jaguars and Olmec kings / Michael D. Coe -- Jaguars in the Valley of Mexico / George Kubler -- The feline motif in prehistoric San Agustín sculpture / Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff -- The feline motif in northern Peru / Michael Kan…
Kathleen Berrin, editor ; [contributors] Clara Millon ... [et al.]. 1988 .

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    F1219.1.T27 F43 1988 c. 1
edited by Joanne Pillsbury, Timothy Potts, and Kim N. Richter. 2017 .

Foreword / Timothy Potts, Thomas W. Gaehtgens, and Thomas P. Campbell -- Lenders to the exhibition -- Contributors -- Map of jadeite, turquoise and Spondylus sources with routes of metal technologies in the Americas -- Map of the ancient Americas…
Mary Miller and Karl Taube. 1993 .

Miller, Mary Ellen.

"The myths and beliefs of the great Precolumbian civilizations of Mesoamerica have baffled and fascinated outsiders ever since the Spanish Conquest. Yet, until now, no single-volume introduction has existed to act as a guide to this labyrinthine symbolic world. In 'The gods and…
Cathy Lynne Costin, editor. 2016 .

Introduction: Making value, making meaning : techné in the pre-Columbian world / Cathy Lynne Costin -- Lustrous surfaces and shades of green : value and meaning in three Mesoamerican lapidary ensembles from Teotihuacan, Palenque, and La Venta / Laura Filloy Nadal…
16. Maya Book , Print in English
edited by Peter Schmidt, Mercedes de la Garza, Enrique Nalda. 1998 .

rediscovery of a civilization / Mercedes de la Garza -- Brief History of Archaeological Exploration / Ian Graham -- Vegetation of the Maya Region / Arturo Gomez-Pompa -- Ancient Maya Civilization in Space and Time / Jeremy A. Sabloff…
17. Moctezuma: Aztec ruler Book , Print in English
edited by Colin McEwan and Leonardo López Lújan. 2009 .

Introduction / Colin McEwan and Leonardo Lopez Lujan -- 1. Family histories: the ancestors of Moctezuma II / Felipe Solis Olguin -- Catalogue entries 1-13 -- 2. coronation of Moctezuma II / Eduardo Matos Moetezuma -- Catalogue entries 14-20…
18. Popol vuh: the Mayan book of the dawn of life Book , Print in English
translated by Dennis Tedlock ; with commentary based on the ancient knowledge of the… 1996 .

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19. Pottery analysis: a sourcebook Book , Print in English
Prudence M. Rice. 1987 .

Rice, Prudence M.

[Articles by] Michael Kan, Clement Meighan [and] H. B. Nicholson. 1970 .

Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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    F1219.3.A7 L6 1970 QUARTO c. 1
21. Teotihuacan: art from the city of the gods Book , Print in English
edited by Kathleen Berrin and Esther Pasztory. 1993 .

22. Turquoise mosaics from Mexico Book , Print in English
Colin McEwan [and others] ; with contributions by Adrián Velázquez [and others]. 2006 .

Director's Foreword 6 -- Ancient Mexico 8 -- Mosaics in the British Museum 11 -- Antecedents in serpentine and jade 14 -- The significance of materials 19 -- 2 Mosaics under the Microscope 24 -- Microscopy and analysis: the science behind the art 24…