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130.101, Fall 2019

Schwartz, Glenn, Fall 2019
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edited by James B. Pritchard ; foreword by Daniel E. Fleming. 2011 .

"James Pritchard's classic anthologies of the ancient Near East have introduced generations of readers to texts essential for understanding the peoples and cultures of this important region. Now these two enduring works have been combined and integrated into one convenient and…
3. The Egyptians: an introduction Book , Print in English
Robert G. Morkot. 2005 .

Morkot, Robert.

Defining ancient Egypt -- The Egyptian world -- Esoteric knowledge and oriental mystery -- Constructing the Egyptian past -- Origins and first flowering -- Imperial Egypt -- Continuity with metamorphosis -- Rulers and ruled -- Town and country in ancient Egypt…
Marc Van De Mieroop. 2016 .

Van de Mieroop, Marc,

Introductory concerns -- Part I. City-states -- Origins : the Uruk phenomenon -- Competing city-states : the early dynastic period -- Political centralization in the late third millennium -- The Near East in the early second millennium…
5. The Oxford handbook of cuneiform culture Book , Print in English
edited by Karen Radner and Eleanor Robson. 2011 .

"The cuneiform script, the writing system of ancient Mesopotamia, was witness to one of the world's oldest literate cultures. For over three millennia, it was the vehicle of communication from (at its greatest extent) Iran to the Mediterranean, Anatolia to Egypt. The Oxford…
Robert J. Wenke, Deborah I. Olszewski. 2007 .

Wenke, Robert J.

Prehistory, history, and archaeology -- Fundamentals of archaeology -- The origins of culture -- The origins of Homo sapiens sapiens -- The first Americans -- The origins of agriculture -- The evolution of complex societies -- Origins of complex societies in southwest Asia…