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010.327, Fall 2019

Brown, Rebecca, Fall 2019
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essays by Margo Machida, Vishakha N. Desai, John Kuo Wei Tchen ; Margo Machida, guest… 1994 .

note: Believing is Seeing: Transforming Orientalism and the Occidental Gaze / John Kuo Wei Tchen -- Whither Home? The Predicament of a Bicultural Existence / Vishakha N. Desai -- Plates -- Out of Asia: Negotiating Asian identities in America / Margo Machida.
2. Asian American art, 1850-1970 Book , Print in English
Gordon H. Chang, senior editor ; Mark Dean Johnson, principal editor ; Paul J.… 2008 .

"Asian American Art: A History, 1850-1970 is the first comprehensive study of the lives and artistic production of artists of Asian ancestry active in the United States before 1970. The publication features original essays by 10 leading scholars, biographies of more than 150…
Daniell Cornell and Mark Dean Johnson, editors ; Gordon H. Chang ... [et al.]. 2008 .

Foreword / John E. Buchanan, Jr. -- Introduction / Gordon H. Chang and Mark Dean Johnson -- Search for Roots, or Finding a Precursor / Karin Higa -- Performing Diaspora: The Body and Identity in the Work of Asian American Artists / ShiPu Wang…
edited by Jeffrey Wechsler. 1997 .

Introduction : finding the middle path / Jeffrey Wechsler -- "Abstraction" in the traditional art of East Asia / Tseng Yuho -- With the suddenness of creation : trends of abstract painting in Japan and China, 1945-1970 / Alexanra Munroe…
5. Bontoc eulogy Video/Film , DVD in English
National Asian American Telecommunications Association ; a film by Marlon Fuentes. 1995 .

A personal and poignant docudrama that examines the Filipino experience at the 1904 St. Louis World's fair. The film focuses on the filmmaker's grandfather, an Igorot warrior, one of the 1,100 tribal natives displayed as anthropological 'specimens' in the Philippine village…
Cynthia Mills, Lee Glazer, and Amelia A. Goerlitz, editors. 2011 .

Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Frameworks for considering cultural exchange: the case of India and America / Partha Mitter -- Destructive creation: the U.S.-Philippine relationship in American art / J. M. Mancini -- Before Zen: the nothing of American Dada / Jacquelynn Baas…
Cynthia Mills, Lee Glazer, and Amelia A. Goerlitz, editors. 2011 .

East-West Interchanges in American Art Symposium (2009 : Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Frameworks for considering cultural exchange: the case of India and America / Partha Mitter -- Destructive creation: the U.S.-Philippine relationship in American art / J.M. Mancini -- Before Zen: the nothing of American Dada / Jacquelynn Baas…
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Alexandra Chang. 2009 .

Chang, Alexandra.

Foreword: "Diasporas in Motion: The Visual Arts and Communities of Affinity" -- Necessary Specificity: A Porous History of Asian American Art -- Network: Godzilla -- Legacy: Godzookie -- Once More: Is there an Asian American Aesthetic?…
Elaine H. Kim, Margo Machida, Sharon Mizota ; with a forword by Lisa Lowe. 2003 .

Kim, Elaine H.

Jasmine Alinder. 2009 .

Alinder, Jasmine, 1969-

"When the American government began impounding Japanese American citizens after Pearl Harbor, photography became a battleground. The control of the means of representation affected nearly every aspect of the incarceration, from the mug shots criminalizing Japanese Americans to…
11. One way or another: Asian American art now Book , Print in English
edited by Melissa Chiu, Karin Higa, and Susette S. Min ; with contributions by Margo… 2006 .

Asian American : an evolving consciousness / Helen Zia -- Reframing Asian America / Margo Machida -- Origin myths : a short and incomplete history of Godzilla / Karin Higa -- conversation on today's Asian America / Melissa Chiu…
ShiPu Wang. 2017 .

Wang, ShiPu,

"Examines the works of four early to mid-twentieth-century American artists of Asian descent. Focuses on their critical engagement with notions of American modernism, and illuminates a transcultural positioning in modern American culture that predates our contemporary discourse…
13. Paintings by Masami Teraoka Book , Print in English
James T. Ulak [and others]. 1996 .

Teraoka, Masami, 1936-

Catfish in love / James T. Ulak -- Pulp fiction and the floating world / Alexandra Munroe -- Monitoring our times / Masami Teraoka with Lynda Hess.
14. Queering contemporary Asian American art Book , Print in English
edited by Laura Kina and Jan Christian Bernabe. 2017 .

Queering surveillance -- Queering time -- Queering affect -- Queering methodology -- Queering subjectivity -- Queering mixed race -- Queering Asian America.
15. Summoning ghosts: the art of Hung Liu Book , Print in English
Oakland Museum of California. 2013 .

Liu, Hung, 1948-

Four Moments in Hung Liu's Art Wu Hung -- One Stroke at a Time Yiyun Li -- Snapshot: Hung Liu's Memory Acts Rene De Guzman -- Hung Liu: Thunder in My Heart Karen Smith -- Art Is Not Just a Thing: Installation in Hung Liu's Practice Stephanie Hanor…
Margo Machida. 2008 .

Machida, Margo.

"In Unsettled Visions, the activist, curator, and scholar Margo Machida presents a pioneering, in-depth exploration of contemporary Asian American visual art. Machida focuses on works produced during the watershed 1990s, when surging Asian immigration had significantly altered…
edited by Laura Kina and Wei Ming Dariotis. 2013 .

"War Baby / Love Child examines hybrid Asian American identity through a collection of essays, artworks, and interviews at the intersection of critical mixed race studies and contemporary art. The book pairs artwork and interviews with 19 emerging, mid-career, and established…
Alice Yang ; edited by Jonathan Hay and Mimi Young. 1998 .

Yang, Alice, 1961-1997.

"Why Asia? Contemporary Asian and Asian American Art is a ground-breaking investigation into two overlapping and rapidly emerging areas in contemporary art. Extricating them from their current confusion under a generic "Asian" label, Yang reveals the specificity of each. The book…
Blair Fowlkes-Childs and Michael Seymour. 2019 .

Fowlkes, Blair,

"'The World between Empires' presents a new perspective on the art and culture of the Middle East in the years 100 B.C.-A.D. 250, a time marked by the struggle for control by the Roman and Parthian Empires. For the first time, this book weaves together the cultural histories of…