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Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks on Reserve
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1. Abnormal psychology Book , Print in English
Ronald J. Comer, Princetown University, Jonathan S. Comer, Florida International… 2018 .

Comer, Ronald J.,

Abnormal psychology in science and clinical practice. Abnormal psychology: past and present -- Research in abnormal psychology -- Models of abnormality -- Clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment…
2. Advanced engineering mathematics Book , Print in English
Erwin Kreyszig ; in collaboration with Herbert Kreyszig, Edward J. Norminton. 2011 .

Kreyszig, Erwin.

pt. A Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) -- ch. 1 First-Order ODEs -- 1.1. Basic Concepts. Modeling -- 1.2. Geometric Meaning of y' = f(x, y). Direction Fields, Euler's Method -- 1.3. Separable ODEs. Modeling -- 1.4. Exact ODEs. Integrating Factors…
Erwin Kreyszig ; in collaboration with Herbert Kreyszig, Edward J. Norminto. 2011 .

Kreyszig, Erwin.

Marcello R. Napolitano. 2012 .

Napolitano, Marcello R.

"Napolitano's Aircraft Dynamics is designed to help readers extrapolate from low level formulas, equations, and details to high level comprehensive views of the main concepts. the text also helps readers with fundamental skills of learning the "basic modeling" of the aircraft…
5. Behavioral neuroscience Book , Print in English
S. Marc Breedlove, Michigan State University, Neil V. Watson, Simon Fraser University. 2017 .

Breedlove, S. Marc,

note: 1. Behavioral Neuroscience Scope and Outlook -- Human or Machine? 1 The Brain Is Full of Surprises -- What Is Behavioral Neuroscience? -- Five Viewpoints Explore the Biology of Behavior -- Box 1.1 We Are All Alike, and We Are All Different…
6. Biochemistry Book , Print in English
Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Gregory J. Gatto, Jr., Lubert Stryer. 2019 .

Berg, Jeremy M. (Jeremy Mark), 1958-

Part I: The molecular design of life. Biochemistry: an evolving science -- Protein composition and structure -- Exploring proteins and proteomes -- DNA, RNA, and the flow of genetic information -- Exploring genes and genomes -- Signal-transduction pathways…
7. Calculus Book , Print in English
James Stewart, McMaster University and University of Toronto. 2016 .

Stewart, James, 1941-

Functions and limits -- Derivatives -- Applications of differentiation -- Integrals -- Applications of integration -- Inverse functions -- Techniques of integration -- Further applications of integration -- Differential equations -- Parametric equations and polar coordinates…
8. Calculus for biology and medicine Book , Print in English
Preview and review -- Discrete-time models, sequences, and difference equations -- Limits and continuity -- Differentiation -- Applications of differentiation -- Integration -- Integration techniques and computational methods -- Differential equations…
9. Cell biology Book , Print in English
Thomas D. Pollard, MD (Sterling Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and… 2017 .

Pollard, Thomas D. (Thomas Dean), 1942-

"Relevant to both research and clinical practice, this rich resource covers key principles of cellular function and uses them to explain how molecular defects lead to cellular dysfunction and cause human disease."--Back cover.
Mark Dugopolski, Southeastern Louisiana University. 2015 .

Dugopolski, Mark.

note: P. Prerequisites -- P.1. Real Numbers and Their Properties -- P.2. Integral Exponents and Scientific Notation -- P.3. Rational Exponents and Radicals -- P.4. Polynomials -- P.5. Factoring Polynomials -- P.6. Rational Expressions -- P.7. Complex Numbers -- ch. P Highlights…
Richard W. Hertzberg, Richard P. Vinci, Jaxon L. Hertzberg. 2013 .

Hertzberg, Richard W., 1937-

This 5th edition offers several new features including a greater number and variety of homework problems using more computational software; more 'real world' applications of theories, case studies; and less coverage of metals.
12. Differential equations & linear algebra Book , Print in English
C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney, the University of Georgia, David Calvis, Baldwin… 2018 .

Edwards, C. H. (Charles Henry), 1937-

note: ch. 1 First-Order Differential Equations -- 1.1. Differential Equations and Mathematical Models -- 1.2. Integrals as General and Particular Solutions -- 1.3. Slope Fields and Solution Curves -- 1.4. Separable Equations and Applications -- 1.5. Linear First-Order Equations…
13. Discovering human sexuality Book , Print in English
Simon LeVay, West Hollywood, California, Janice Baldwin, University of California, Santa… 2019 .

LeVay, Simon,

Sexuality: Pathways to Understanding -- Women's Bodies -- Men's Bodies -- Sex Development and Diversity -- Attraction, Arousal, and Response -- Sexual Behavior -- Sexual Relationships -- Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth -- Contraception and Abortion…
14. Discrete-time signal processing Book , Print in English
Alan V. Oppenheim, Ronald W. Schafer. 2010 .

Oppenheim, Alan V., 1937-

"The definitive, authoritative text on DSP - ideal for those with an introductory-level knowledge of signals and systems. Written by prominent DSP pioneers, it provides thorough treatment of the fundamental theorems and properties of discrete-time linear systems, filtering,…
15. Elementary differential equations Book , Print in English
William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima. 2012 .

Boyce, William E.

Retaining previously successful features, this edition exploits students' access to computers by including many new examples and problems that incorporate computer technology. Historical footnotes trace the development of the discipline.
William E. Boyce, Edward P. Hamilton professor emeritus, Richard C. DiPrima, formerly… 2012 .

Boyce, William E.,

Maintaining a contemporary approach, flexible chapter construction, clear exposition and outstanding problems, this book focuses both on the theory and the practical applications of differential equations as they apply to engineering and the sciences.
17. Essential cell biology Book , Print in English
Bruce Alberts [and six others]. 2019 .

Alberts, Bruce,

Cell biology is taught in classrooms around the world to provide students with a firm conceptual grounding in biology. This text provides basic, core knowledge about how cells work and uses colour images and diagrams to emphasize concepts and aid understanding.
Philip J. Pritchard, Manhattan College, John W. Mitchell, University of… 2015 .

Fox, Robert W., 1934-2014,

note: ch. 1 Introduction -- 1.1. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics -- Note to Students -- Scope of Fluid Mechanics -- Definition of a Fluid -- 1.2. Basic Equations -- 1.3. Methods of Analysis -- System and Control Volume -- Differential versus Integral Approach…
Marc J. Madou. 2012 .

Madou, Marc J.

"Providing a clear theoretical understanding of MEMS and NEMS, Solid-State Physics, Fluidics, and Analytical Techniques in Micro- and Nanotechnology covers all aspects of solid state physics behind nanotechnology and science. After exploring the rise of Si, MEMS, and NEMS in a…
20. Halliday & Resnick fundamentals of physics Book , Print in English
Jearl Walker, Cleveland State University. 2014 .

Walker, Jearl, 1945-

note: 1. Measurement -- 1-1. Measuring Things, Including Lengths -- What Is Physics? -- Measuring Things -- International System of Units -- Changing Units -- Length -- Significant Figures and Decimal Places -- 1-2. Time -- Time -- 1-3. MASS -- Mass -- Review & Summary…
21. Introducing psychology Book , Print in English
Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel T. Gilbert, Daniel M. Wegner, Matthew K. Nock. 2018 .

Schacter, Daniel L.,

"This edition of Introducing Psychology has been completely retooled for the classroom. For the first time, each chapter section begins with Learning Outcomes to help students come away from the reading with a 'big picture' understanding of psychology as a living science, not…
22. Introduction to abstract algebra Book , Print in English
W. Keith Nicholson. 2012 .

Nicholson, W. Keith.

0. Preliminaries -- 0.1. Proofs -- 0.2. Sets -- 0.3. Mappings -- 0.4. Equivalences -- 1. Integers and Permutations -- 1.1. Induction -- 1.2. Divisors and Prime Factorization -- 1.3. Integers Modulo n -- 1.4. Permutations -- 1.5. Application to Cryptography -- 2. Groups…
23. An introduction to behavioral endocrinology Book , Print in English
Randy J. Nelson, the Ohio State University, Lance J. Kriegsfeld, University of… 2017 .

Nelson, Randy Joe,

The study of behavioral endocrinology -- The endocrine system -- Sex differences in behavior: sex determination and differentiation -- Sex differences in behavior: animal models and humans -- Male reproductive behavior -- Female reproductive behavior -- Parental behavior…
25. Introduction to genetic analysis Book , Print in English
Anthony J.F. Griffiths, University of British Columbia ; Susan R. Wessler, University of… 2015 .

Griffiths, Anthony J. F.,

"With each edition, An Introduction to Genetic Analysis (IGA) evolves discovery by discovery with the world of genetic research, taking students from the foundations of Mendelian genetics to the latest findings and applications by focusing on the landmark experiments that define…
26. An introduction to geotechnical engineering Book , Print in English
Robert D. Holtz, William D. Kovacs, Thomas C. Sheahan. 2011 .

Holtz, R. D. (Robert D.)

"Intended for use in the first of a two course sequence in geotechnical engineering usually taught to third- and fourth-year undergraduate civil engineering students. An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering offers a descriptive, elementary introduction to geotechnical…
27. Introduction to probability and statistics Book , Print in English
William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, Barbara M. Beaver. 2013 .

Mendenhall, William.

While retaining the straightforward presentation and traditional outline for descriptive and inferential statistics, this 14th edition incorporates learning aids to ensure that students learn and understand the relevance of the material.
28. Introduction to the finite element method Book , Print in English
J.N. Reddy, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station,… 2019 .

Reddy, J. N. (Junuthula Narasimha), 1945-

General introduction -- Mathematical preliminaries and classical variational methods -- 1-D Finite element models of second-order differential equations -- Applications to 1-D heat transfer and fluid and solid mechanical problems…
29. Mathematics: a discrete introduction Book , Print in English
Edward R. Scheinerman, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, The Johns… 2013 .

Scheinerman, Edward R.,

Fundamentals --Collections -- Counting and relations -- More proof -- Functions -- Probability -- Number theory -- Algebra -- Graphs -- Partially ordered sets.
30. Medical imaging signals and systems Book , Print in English
Jerry L. Prince, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering,… 2015 .

Prince, Jerry L.,

pt. I Basic Imaging Principles -- 1. Introduction -- 1.1. History of Medical Imaging -- 1.2. Physical Signals -- 1.3. Imaging Modalities -- 1.4. Projection Radiography -- 1.5. Computed Tomography -- 1.6. Nuclear Medicine -- 1.7. Ultrasound Imaging…
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John G. Webster, editor ; contributing authors, John W. Clark, Jr. [and others]. 2010 .

note: 1. Basic Concepts of Medical Instrumentation / Walter H. Olson -- 2. Basic Sensors and Principles / John G. Webster / Robert A. Peura -- 3. Amplifiers and Signal Processing / John G. Webster -- 4. Origin of Biopotentials / John W. Clark, Jr.…
32. A modern approach to quantum mechanics Book , Print in English
John S. Townsend. 2012 .

Townsend, John S.

note: 1.1. Original Stern-Gerlach Experiment -- 1.2. Four Experiments -- 1.3. Quantum State Vector -- 1.4. Analysis of Experiment 3 -- 1.5. Experiment 5 -- 1.6. Summary -- Problems -- 2.1. Beginnings of Matrix Mechanics -- 2.2. Rotation Operators…
33. Molecular cell biology Book , Print in English
Harvey Lodish [and 7 others]. 2016 .

Lodish, Harvey F.,

With its acclaimed author team, cutting-edge content, emphasis on medical relevance, and coverage based on key experiments, Molecular Cell Biology has justly earned an impeccable reputation as an exciting and authoritative text. Avoiding an encyclopedic approach, the book grounds…
34. Organic chemistry Book , Print in English
Paula Yurkanis Bruice, University of California, Santa Barbara. 2016 .

Bruice, Paula Yurkanis, 1941-

Paula Yurkanis Bruice, University of California, Santa Barbara. 2017 .

Bruice, Paula Yurkanis, 1941-

note: Important Terms -- Solutions to Problems -- Practice Test -- Important Terms -- Solutions to Problems -- Practice Test -- Problems on pH, pKa, and Buffers -- Solutions to Problems on pH, pKa, and Buffers -- Important Terms -- Solutions to Problems -- Practice Test…
36. Pattern recognition and machine learning Book , Print in English
Christopher M. Bishop. 2009 .

Bishop, Christopher M.,

The field of pattern recognition has undergone substantial development over the years. This book reflects these developments while providing a grounding in the basic concepts of pattern recognition and machine learning. It is aimed at advanced undergraduates or first year PhD…
Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett Jr. 2018 .

Serway, Raymond A.

note: pt. 1 Mechanics -- 1. Physics and Measurement -- 1.1. Standards of Length, Mass, and Time -- 1.2. Modeling and Alternative Representations -- 1.3. Dimensional Analysis -- 1.4. Conversion of Units -- 1.5. Estimates and Order-of-Magnitude Calculations…
John R. Weeks. 2016 .

Weeks, John Robert, 1944-

note: ch. 1 Introduction To Demography -- What Is Demography? -- How Does Demography Connect The Dots? -- Relationship of Population to Resources -- Relationship of Population to Social and Political Dynamics -- Essay: Demographic Contributions to the "Mess in the Middle East"…
39. Principles of life Book , Print in English
David M. Hillis, University of Texas at Austin, Mary V. Price, University of California,… 2019 .

Hillis, David M., 1958-

note: 1. Principles of Life -- Concept 1.1 Living Organisms Share Common Aspects of Structure, Function, and Energy Flow -- Life as we know it had a single origin -- Major steps in the history of life are compatible with known physical and chemical processes…
Michael Mitzenmacher, Eli Upfal. 2017 .

Mitzenmacher, Michael, 1969-

"Greatly expanded, this new edition requires only an elementary background in discrete mathematics and offers a comprehensive introduction to the role of randomization and probabilistic techniques in modern computer science. Newly added chapters and sections cover topics…
Henry Stark, John W. Woods. 2012 .

Stark, Henry, 1938-

1. Introduction to Probability -- 1.1. Introduction: Why Study Probability? -- 1.2. Different Kinds of Probability -- Probability as Intuition -- Probability as the Ratio of Favorable to Total Outcomes (Classical Theory) -- Probability as a Measure of Frequency of Occurrence…
42. Sensation and perception Book , Print in English
Steven Yantis, Richard A. Abrams. 2017 .

Yantis, Steven,

note: ch. 1 Foundations -- "I'm Having a Stroke!" -- World, Brain, and Mind -- Perceptual Process -- Three Main Types of Questions -- How Many Senses Are There? -- Evolution and Perception -- Exploring Perception by Studying Behavior: Psychophysics -- Absolute Threshold…
James Stewart. 2016 .

Stewart, James, 1941-

Preface -- To the student -- Calculators, computers, and other graphic devices -- Diagnostic tests -- A preview of calculus -- Functions and models -- Limits and derivatives -- Differentiation rules -- Applications of differentiation -- Integrals -- Applications of integration…
James Stewart. 2016 .

Stewart, James, 1941-

Preface -- To the student -- Calculators, computers, and other graphic devices -- Diagnostic tests -- A preview of calculus -- Functions and models -- Limits and derivatives -- Differentiation rules -- Applications of differentiation -- Integrals -- Applications of integration…
45. Statistical methods for the social sciences Book , Print in English
Alan Agresti, University of Florida. 2018 .

Agresti, Alan.

note: 1.1. Introduction to Statistical Methodology -- 1.2. Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics -- 1.3. Role of Computers and Software in Statistics -- 1.4. Chapter Summary -- 2.1. Variables and Their Measurement -- 2.2. Randomization…
46. Vector calculus Book , Print in English
Jerrold E. Marsden, Anthony Tromba. 2012 .

Marsden, Jerrold E.

1. Geometry of Euclidean Space -- 1.1. Vectors In Two- and Three-Dimensional Space -- 1.2. Inner Product, Length, and Distance -- 1.3. Matrices, Determinants, and the Cross Product -- 1.4. Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates -- 1.5. n-Dimensional Euclidean Space…
47. Vector calculus Book , Print in English
Jerrold E. Marsden, Anthony J. Tromba. 2012 .

Marsden, Jerrold E.

This textbook by respected authors helps students foster computational skills and intuitive understanding with a careful balance of theory, applications, historical development and optional materials.