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140.393, Fall 2019

Mercelis, Joris, Fall 2019
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Maria Paula Diogo and Dirk van Laak. 2016 .

Diogo, Maria Paula,

Introduction -- Europeans mapping & being mapped -- Europe's significant others -- Wars & peace at home & abroad -- Scrambling for Eurafrica: Resources & axes of infrastructure -- From the Raj to the Yellow Peril -- A new world & the collapse of colonialism…
Robert C Allen. 2017 .

Allen, Robert C., 1947-

"The Industrial Revolution was one of the great, transforming events of world history. Robert C. Allen explains what happened during this period, and why. He asks why the revolution occured in Britain rather than other countries, and looks at the impact of changing technology and…
Robert H. Kargon and Arthur P. Molella. 2008 .

Kargon, Robert Hugh.

Techno-cities are planned cities that were developed in conjunction with large industrial or technological enterprises, blending the technological and the pastoral, the mill town and the garden city. This book looks at several examples, including Norris, Tennessee, Torviscosa,…