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060.113.24, Fall 2019

Estrada, Justin, Fall 2019
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1. Against Moral Responsibility Book , Online in English
Daniel C. Dennett. 2015 .

Dennett, D. C. (Daniel Clement)

"In this landmark 1984 work on free will, Daniel Dennett makes a case for compatibilism. His aim, as he writes in the preface to this new edition, was a cleanup job, 'saving everything that mattered about the everyday concept of free will, while jettisoning the impediments.' In…
Daniel C. Dennett. 1984 .

Dennett, D. C. (Daniel Clement)

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4. Free will Book , Print in English
edited by Gary Watson. 2003 .

Sam Harris. 2011 .

Harris, Sam, 1967-

Sam Harris dismantles the most common justification for religious faith--that a moral system cannot be based on science.
6. The Oxford handbook of free will Book , Online in English
edited by Robert Kane. 2002 .

This is a comprehensive reference work that provides an exhaustive guide to scholarship on the perennial problem of free will.
7. Thinking about free will Book , Online in English
Peter van Inwagen, University of Notre Dame, Indiana. 2017 .

Van Inwagen, Peter,

Peter van Inwagen, author of the classic book An Essay on Free Will (1983), has established himself over the last forty years as a leading figure in the philosophical debate about the problem of free will. This volume presents eleven influential essays from throughout his career,…
8. Writing with sources: a guide for students Book , Online in English
Gordon Harvey. 2017 .

Harvey, Gordon, 1953-

The role of sources. Sources of what? ; citing reliable sources ; Citing sources reliably ; Why cite? -- Integrating sources. Ways of bringing a source in ; Three basic principles ; Rules for quoting ; Quoting blocks ; Using discursive notes…