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010.332, Fall 2019

Caplan, Allison, Fall 2019
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Susan Toby Evans, editor. 2010 .

Dumbarton Oaks.

"Five hundred years ago, a sustained and permanent contact was begun between the Old World and the New. By 1519 Spanish soldiers were marveling at the wealth and extent of the Aztec Empire, and by the summer of 1521 they began to control it on behalf of Spain. A few…
2. The art of featherwork in Mexico Book , Print in English
Teresa Castelló Yturbide ; with contributions by Manuel Cortina Portilla [and others]. 1993 .

Castelló Yturbide, Teresa.

Rich feathers, fine feathers / Teresa de Maria y Campos -- Featherwork among the Mexica / Alberto Cue -- Viceregal feathered fabrics -- Irmgard Weitlaner Johnson -- Featherwork during the Viceroyalty / Marita Martínez del Río de Redo…
3. The art of Mesoamerica: from Olmec to Aztec Book , Print in English
Mary Ellen Miller. 1986 .

Miller, Mary Ellen.

4. Aztecs Book , Print in English
[exhibition curators, Eduardo Matos Moctezuma and Felipe Solı́s Olguı́n ; catalogue,… 2002 .

5. The Aztecs of Mexico: selected papers Book , Print in English
by James R. Moriarty III ... [et al.]. 1982 .

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    F1219.73 .A971 1982 QUARTO c. 1
edited by Gerhard Wolf and Joseph Connors in collaboration with Louis A. Waldman. 2011 .

Colors of the Virgin of Guadalupe / Clara Bargellini -- Mediceo Palatino 218-220 of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana of Florence / Ida Giovanna Rao -- Painters of the New World: The Process of Making the Florentine Codex / Diana Magaloni Kerpel…
8. Feathers: visions of pre-Columbian America Book , Print in English
under the direction of Fabien Ferrer-Joly. 2016 .

"Through its symbolic and religious dimensions, the feather played a major role in pre-Columbian societies. Associated with the gods and with the founding myths, reserved for the use of caciques and warriors, the feather took on a sacred quality whose importance the first…
edited by Joanne Pillsbury, Timothy Potts, and Kim N. Richter. 2017 .

Foreword / Timothy Potts, Thomas W. Gaehtgens, and Thomas P. Campbell -- Lenders to the exhibition -- Contributors -- Map of jadeite, turquoise and Spondylus sources with routes of metal technologies in the Americas -- Map of the ancient Americas…
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    E59.A7 G65 2017 QUARTO c. 1 | Floor map
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10. The goldsmith's art in ancient Mexico Book , Print in English
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    970.1 I39M no.7 c. 1
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    E11 .N56 no.7 c. 1 | Floor map
editors: Alessandra Russo, Gerhard Wolf, Diana Fane ; contributors: Berenice Alcántara… 2015 .

This widely anticipated book offers the first systematic study of feather mosaics created in New Spain in the context of a broader creative exchange between Mesoamerican and European aesthetics and materials. Thirty-three scholars look at these unprecedented feather artworks that…
12. Jade Book , Print in English
consultant editor, Rober Keverne. 1995 .

Cultural chronology chart -- Jade : a special gemstone -- A Chinese chronology -- Neolithic Chinese jades -- Post-neolithic to Han Chinese jades -- Han to Song Chinese jades -- The glorious age of Chinese jades -- Post-1800 Chinese jades -- Appraisal of Chinese jades…
edited by Heather Lechtman and Robert S. Merrill. 1977 .

edited by Maarten E.R.G.N. Jansen, Virginia M. Lladó-Buisán and Ludo Snijders. 2019 .

"Mesoamerican Manuscripts: New Scientific Approaches and Interpretations brings together a wide range of modern approaches to the study of pre-colonial and early colonial Mesoamerican manuscripts. This includes innovative studies of materiality through the application of…
15. The Oxford handbook of the Aztecs Book , Print in English
edited by Deborah L. Nichols and Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría. 2017 .

The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs, the first of its kind, provides a current overview of recent research on the Aztec empire, the best documented prehispanic society in the Americas. Chapters span from the establishment of Aztec city-states to the encounter with the Spanish…
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16. Precolumbian gold: technology, style and iconography Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Colin McEwan. 2000 .

Ancestors past but present: gold diadems from the far south coast of Peru / Colin McEwan, Joerg Haeberli -- The technology, iconography and social significance of metals: a multi-dimensional analysis of middle Sicán objects / Izumi Shimada, Jo Ann Griffin, Adon Gordus…
edited by Elizabeth M. Brumfiel and Timothy Earle. 1987 .

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    GN799.C45 S741 1987 QUARTO c. 2 | Floor map
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    GN799.C45 S741 1987 QUARTO c. 1 | Floor map
edited by J.C.H. King, Max Carocci, Caroline Cartwright, Colin McEwan and Rebecca Stacey. 2012 .

"Turquoise, as a gemstone or as a decorative part of an object, has a fascinating history of discovery and use in Mexico and North America. This blue-green opaque mineral has been highly prized in antiquity and even now, its compelling colour tones and attractive textures are…
19. Turquoise mosaics from Mexico Book , Print in English
Colin McEwan [and others] ; with contributions by Adrián Velázquez [and others]. 2006 .

Director's Foreword 6 -- Ancient Mexico 8 -- Mosaics in the British Museum 11 -- Antecedents in serpentine and jade 14 -- The significance of materials 19 -- 2 Mosaics under the Microscope 24 -- Microscopy and analysis: the science behind the art 24…