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010.112, Fall 2019

Bevis, Elizabeth, Fall 2019
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2. A history of Roman art Book , Print in English
Steven L. Tuck. 2015 .

Tuck, Steven L.,

This thoroughly illustrated, narrative history of Roman art provides an extensive survey of the subject, spanning approximately 1,000 years, from the founding of Rome to the rule of Constantine. Broadly defining Roman art and considering the many cultures that contributed to the…
3. Late antique and medieval art of the Mediterranean world Book , Online , Print in English
edited by Eva R. Hoffman. 2007 .

The changing nature of Roman art and the art-historical problem of style / Jás Elsner -- Good and bad images from the synagogue of Dura Europos : contexts, subtexts, intertexts / Annabel Jane Wharton -- Exotic taste : the lure of Sasanian Persia / Anna Gonosová…