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100.664, Fall 2019

Lester, Anne, Fall 2019
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1. Cathars in Question Book , Online in English
edited by Antonio Sennis. 2016 .

Cathars have long been regarded as posing the most organised challenge to orthodox Catholicism in the medieval West, even as a'counter-Church'to orthodoxy in southern France and northern Italy. Their beliefs, understood to be inspired by Balkan dualism, are often seen as the most…
Augustine Thompson. 2005 .

Thompson, Augustine.

The Mother Church -- From conversion to community -- The Holy City -- Ordering families, neighborhoods, and cities -- Holy persons and holy places -- The city worships -- Feasting, fasting, and doing penance -- Resurrection and renewal -- Good Catholics at prayer…
edited by Elisheva Baumgarten, Ruth Mazo Karras, and Katelyn Mesler. 2017 .

Intellectual communities and interactions in the long thirteenth century. Rabbinic conceptions of marriage and matchmaking in Christian Europe / Ephraim Kanarfogel -- Nahmanides' four senses of scriptural signification : Jewish and Christian contexts / Mordechai Z. Cohen…
Virginia Reinburg. 2014 .

Reinburg, Virginia.

note: pt. I Social History of the Book of Hours -- Prologue to Part I -- 1. Culture and commerce -- evolution of hourly prayer and the book of hours -- book of hours and intercessory prayer -- Manuscripts -- advent of printing -- How many printed books of hours?…
Robert Bartlett. 2004 .

Bartlett, Robert, 1950-

The story -- The questioners -- The plot thickens -- An Autumn day -- Death by hanging -- Time and space -- Colonial Wales -- The lord -- The lady -- Narrative, memory, and inquisition -- The new saint -- Aftermath.
8. Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300 Book , Print in English
selected sources translated and annotated by John H. Arnold and Peter Biller. 2016 .

Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300 is an invaluable collection of primary sources in translation, aimed at students and academics alike. It provides a wide array of materials on both heresy (Cathars and Waldensians) and the persecution of heresy in medieval France. The…
Jacques Le Goff ; translated by Lydia G. Cochrane. 2014 .

Le Goff, Jacques, 1924-2014.

It is impossible to understand the late Middle Ages without grasping the importance of The Golden Legend, the most popular medieval collection of saints' lives. Assembled for clerical use in the thirteenth century by Genoese archbishop Jacobus de Voragine, the book became the…
Geraldine Heng. 2018 .

Heng, Geraldine,

Beginnings -- Inventions/Reinventions -- State/Nation -- War/Empire -- Color -- World I -- World II -- World III.
Geraldine Heng. 2018 .

Heng, Geraldine,

In The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages, Geraldine Heng questions the common assumption that the concepts of race and racisms only began in the modern era. Examining Europe's encounters with Jews, Muslims, Africans, Native Americans, Mongols, and the Romani…
edited by Elisheva Baumgarten and Judah D. Galinsky. 2015 .

note: pt. 1 Learning, Law, and Society -- 1. Continuity and Change in the Study of the Bible: The Ten Commandments in Christian Exegesis / Lesley Smith -- 2. Psalters for Men, Books of Hours for Women: Arras as a Case Study / Margo Stroumsa-Uzan…
Mary Harvey Doyno. 2019 .

Doyno, Mary Harvey, 1973-

"The Lay Saint explores the numerous saintly cults dedicated to recently deceased members of the laity that grew up in the communes of late medieval Italy and shows how they both challenged and ultimately solidified the church's institutional and charismatic authority"--
16. The life and passion of William of Norwich Book , Print in English
Thomas of Monmouth ; translated and edited by Miri Rubin. 2014 .

Thomas, of Monmouth, active 12th century,

This translation of a 12th-century English chronicle gives insight into daily life in a medieval cathedral city, while also documenting miracles at the shrine of William, a boy worshippers believed to be murdered by the Jews of Norwich. This was the earliest version of the "blood…
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin. 2008 .

Gaposchkin, M. Cecilia (Marianne Cecilia), 1970-

"Canonized in 1297 as Saint Louis, King Louis IX of France (r. 1226-1270) was one of the most important kings of medieval history and also one of the foremost saints of the later Middle Ages. As a saint, Louis became the centerpiece of an ideological program that buttressed the…
Eamon Duffy. 2006 .

Duffy, Eamon.

"In this richly illustrated book, religious historian Eamon Duffy discusses the Book of Hours, unquestionably the most intimate and most widely used book of the later Middle Ages. He examines surviving copies of the personal prayer books which were used for private, domestic…
19. The Oxford handbook of Medieval Christianity Book , Print in English
edited by John H. Arnold. 2014 .

This volume brings together the latest scholarship on the beliefs, practices, and institutions of the Christian Church between 400 and 1500 AD. The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Christianity is about the beliefs, practices, and institutions of the Roman Church between 400 and…
20. The Oxford handbook of medieval Christianity Book , Online in English
edited by John H. Arnold. 2014 .

This volume brings together the latest scholarship on the beliefs, practices, and institutions of the Christian Church between 400 and 1500 AD.
Thomas E. Burman. 2007 .

Burman, Thomas E.

"Most of what we know about attitudes toward Islam in the medieval and early modern West has been based on polemical treatises against Islam written by Christian scholars preoccupied with defending their own faith and attacking the doctrines of Islam. Christian readings of the…
23. The reformation of the twelfth century Book , Print in English
Giles Constable. 1996 .

Constable, Giles.

1. Introduction -- 2. The Variety of Reformers -- 3. The Circumstances and Types of Reform -- 4. The Rhetoric of Reform -- 5. The Realities of Reform: (1) Within the Community -- 6. The Realities of Reform: (2) Monastic Activities and Relations with Secular Society…
Herbert Grundmann ; translated by Steven Rowan ; with an introduction by Robert E. Lerner. 1995 .

Grundmann, Herbert, 1902-1970.

Introduction to the Translation / Robert E. Lerner -- Ch. 1. The Religious Movement in the Twelfth Century: "Apostolic Life" and "Christian Poverty" -- Ch. 2. The Religious Movement under Innocent III: The Rise of New Types of Orders…
25. Sainthood in the later Middle Ages Book , Print in English
André Vauchez ; translated by Jean Birrell. 1997 .

Vauchez, André.

Foreword / Richard Kieckhefer…
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26. Selected essays: 1934-1943 Book , Print in English
Chosen and translated by Richard Rees. 1962 .

Weil, Simone, 1909-1943.

Steven A. Epstein. 2016 .

Epstein, Steven, 1952-

The preacher -- Holy days -- Saintly people -- Genoa's past -- Genoa's own historian.
Olivia Remie Constable ; edited by Robin Vose ; foreword by David Nirenberg. 2018 .

Constable, Olivia Remie,

What do clothing, bathing, or dining habits reveal about one's personal religious beliefs? Nothing, of course, unless such outward bodily concerns are perceived to hold some sort of spiritual significance. Such was the case in the multireligious world of medieval Spain, where the…
Ian Forrest. 2018 .

Forrest, Ian, 1975-

"The medieval church was founded on and governed by concepts of faith and trust - but not in the way that is popularly assumed. Offering a radical new interpretation of the institutional church and its social consequences in England, Ian Forrest argues that between 1200 and 1500…
edited, translated, and with an introduction by Sean L. Field. 2003 .

Agnes, d'Harcourt, abbesse de Longchamp, -1291.

The subject: Isabelle of France -- The author: Agnes of Harcourt -- Dates and titles of the texts -- Historical context of Agnes's writings -- Summary of contents -- Manuscripts and previous editions -- Establishment of the texts…