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140.361.13, Intersession 2020

Alsina, Marc, Intersession 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
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The Il'ya Muromets (1913-1922) -- The Lawson air Line (1919) -- The Armstrong seadrome (1923-1943) -- The Dornier Do X (1929-1933) -- Legalized murder (1934) -- The big flying boats (1931-1948) -- The commercial airships (1919-1937) -- The Mayo composite aircraft (1938)…
Jane C. Desmond. 1999 .

Desmond, Jane.

"From Shamu the dancing whale at Sea World to Hawaiian lu'au shows, Staging Tourism analyzes issues of performance in a wide range of tourist venues. Jane C. Desmond argues that the public display of bodies - how they look, what they do, where they do it, who watches, and under…
Christopher Endy. 2004 .

Endy, Christopher.

Consumerism, the Cold War, and globalization -- Rationed pleasure : leisure before and after the war -- Fellow travelers : the rise of tourism in U.S. foreign policy -- Radiance or colonization? : French divisions over American tourism…
Martin Mowforth, Clive Charlton and Ian Munt. 2008 .

Mowforth, Martin.

1. Introduction -- 2. Global politics, power and play: the macro level of responsibility -- 3. Local politics, poverty and tourism: the micro level of responsibility -- 4. Tourism and the environment: eco by name, eco by nature?…
Wolfgang Schivelbusch. 2014 .

Schivelbusch, Wolfgang, 1941-

Foreword / Alan Trachtenberg -- Preface to the 2014 edition -- The mechanization of motive power -- The machine ensemble -- Railroad space and railroad time -- The space of glass architecture -- Panoramic travel…
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Jenifer Van Vleck. 2013 .

Van Vleck, Jenifer, 1974-

1. Americanization of the Airplane -- 2. Good Neighbors Are Close Neighbors -- 3. Global Visions, National Interests -- 4. "America's Lifeline to Africa" -- 5. From Open Door to Open Sky -- 6. Mass Air Travel and the Routes of the Cold War…