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389.242, Spring 2020

Rose, Julie, Spring 2020
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Stephen Bitgood. 2014 .

Bitgood, Stephen.

Introduction : Visitor engagement--The attention-value model--Interpretive text : Deadly sins revisited: exhibit labels--Practical guidelines for developing interpretive labels--Interest and effort as predictors of readin…
2. Fostering empathy through museums Book , Print in English
Elif M. Gokcigdem. 2016 .

"Fostering Empathy through Museums features ten case studies with clear take-away ideas, and lessons learned by vividly illustrating a spectrum of approaches in the way museums are currently employing empathy, a critical skill that is relevant to personal, institutional,…
Julia Rose. 2016 .

Rose, Julia,

Difficult knowledge : history that is too much to bear -- Defining difficult history : risks, reasons and tools -- Loss in learning : psychoanalytic framework for commemorative museum pedagogy -- Response and responsibility : ethical representations of difficult histories…
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4. Learning from museums Book , Print in English
John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking. 2018 .

Falk, John H. (John Howard), 1948-

"In the second edition of their 2000 book, John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking offer an updated version of the Contextual Model of Learning, as well as present the latest advances in museum research, theory, and practice in order to provide readers an inside view of how and why…
Judy Diamond, Michael Horn, and David H. Uttal. 2016 .

Diamond, Judy,

Evaluating informal learning -- Thinking through an evaluation -- Informal learning -- Measuring learning -- Protecting study participants -- Evaluation tools -- Selecting study participants -- Observational tools -- Interviews and questionnaires -- Presenting and analyzing data…
edited by Kenneth C. Turino and Max A. van Balgooy. 2019 .

Pt. I. Fundamentals and essentials : -- ch. 1. Imagining a reimagining process for house museums / Max A. van Balgooy -- ch. 2. Enterprising historic house museums / Lawrence J. Yerdon -- ch. 3. Evaluation is not just nice, it is necessary / Conny C. Graft…
edited by Gail Anderson. 2012 .

pt. I Pivotal Moments in the 20th-Century Dialogue -- ch. 1 Gloom of the Museum (1917) / John Cotton Dana -- ch. 2 What Is a Museum? (1942) / Theodore Low -- ch. 3 Museum, a Temple or the Forum (1971) / Duncan F. Cameron…