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211.222, Spring 2020

Wegenstein, Bernadette, Spring 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
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1. Ammore e malavita Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Madeleine, RAI Cinema e Manetti Bros. Film presentano un film dei Manetti bros. ;… 2018 .

The Neapolitan crime boss Don Vincenzo barely escapes an attack and decides to make a change by starting a new life somewhere else with his wife. But first, people who know too much about him and his operation have to be eliminated, including a young nurse Fatima ( Serena Rossi)…
2. The Defeat of Hannibal Video/Film , DVD in English
presented by Walter Manley Enterprises ; story and screenplay, Carmine Gallone, C.… 1937 .

A Mussolini-era war epic commissioned by Italy's fascist government, meant to invoke popular support by celebrating the exploits of Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus as he successfully battled the army of Hannibal.
3. Fuocoammare: Fire at sea Video/Film , DVD in Italian
una produzione 21Uno Film, Stemal Entertainment ; con Istituto Luce Cinecittà e RAI… 2016 .

Samuele is twelve years old and lives on an island in the middle of the sea. He goes to school, and loves shooting his slingshot and going hunting. He likes land games, even though everything around him speaks of the sea and the men, women, and children who try to cross it to get…
4. Gli uomini, che mascalzoni Video/Film , DVD in Italian
sceneggiatura, Mario Camerini, Aldo De Benedetti, Mario Soldati ; produzione Emilio… 1932 .

"In Milan a young chauffeur, Bruno, encounters an attractive shop-assistant, Mariuccia. Pretending that the car he drives belongs to him, he invites her on a day trip to the lakes only to be forced to abandon her without an explanation when he unexpectedly encounters his…
5. Io la conoscevo bene: I knew her well Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Janus Films ; La Ultra Film presenta un film di Antonio Pietrangeli ; soggetto e… 1965 .

The prismatic portrait of the days and nights of a party girl in sixties Rome is a revelation. It follows the gorgeous, seemingly liberated Adriana as she dallies with a wide variety of men, attends parties, goes to modeling gigs, and circulates among the rich and famous. Despite…
6. Maciste in Hell Video/Film , DVD in English
produced by Itala Films, Turin ; directed by Guido Brignone. 1926 .

The virtuous Maciste descends into hell and engages in single-handed battle with demons.
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7. Notti di Cabiria Video/Film in Italian
Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica e Les Films Marceau ; un film de Federico Fellini ;… 1957 .

A young prostitute who works in the streets of Rome is continually deceived by men who claim to love her.
8. Pane, amore e fantasia: Bread, love and dreams Video/Film , DVD in Italian , English
una produzione Titanus ; soggetto e sceneggiatura di Ettore M. Margadonna, Luigi… 1953 .

In a small mountain village, a young military policeman is secretly in love with a beautiful girl. His newly arrived commander, anxious to marry, begins courting both the young girl and the local midwife. The print was restored in 2007.
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9. Riso amaro Video/Film , DVD in Italian
un film Lux prodotto da Dino De Laurentiis ; diretto da Giuseppe De Santis ; soggetto di… 1949 .

During planting season in Northern Italy's Po Valley, an earthy rice-field worker falls in with a small-time criminal who is planning a daring heist of the crop, as well as his femme-fatale-ish girlfriend. Both a socially conscious look at the hardships endured by underpaid field…