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230.604, Spring 2020

Burdick-Will, Julia, Spring 2020
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Jeffrey M. Wooldridge. 2020 .

Wooldridge, Jeffrey M., 1960-

Wooldridge uses a systematic approach motivated by the major problems facing applied researchers. This text provides important understanding for empirical work in many social sciences, as well as for carrying out research projects.
Jeffrey M. Wooldridge. 2016 .

Wooldridge, Jeffrey M., 1960-

ch. 1. The nature of econometrics and economic data -- ch. 2. The simple regression model -- ch.3. Multiple regression analysis : estimation -- ch. 4. Multiple regression analysis : inference -- ch. 5. Multiple regression analysis : OLS asymptotics…
3. Multiple regression: a primer Book , Print in English
Paul D. Allison. 1999 .

Allison, Paul David.

"Presenting topics in the form of questions and answers, this popular supplemental text offers a brief introduction on multiple regression on a conceptual level. Author Paul D. Allison answers the most essential questions (such as how to read and interpret multiple regression…