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010.382, Spring 2020

Brown, Rebecca, Spring 2020
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by Susan L. Huntington with contributions by John C. Huntington. 1985 .

Huntington, Susan L.

2. Arts of South Asia: cultures of collecting Book , Print in English
edited by Allysa B. Peyton & Katharine Anne Paul. 2019 .

The volume looks at how South Asian art was sourced for external appreciation at a variety of institutions in Europe, North America, and Asia from the mid-19th century onward. These essays speak to the colonial legacies that created such collections but that now must be viewed…
Pratapaditya Pal with an essay by Hiram Woodward. 2001 .

Pal, Pratapaditya

Rebecca M. Brown. 2017 .

Brown, Rebecca M.,

From the fluttering fabric of a tent, to the blurred motion of the potters wheel, to the rhythm of a horse puppets wooden hoovesthese scenes make up a set of mid-1980s art exhibitions as part of the U.S. Festival of India. The festival was conceived at a meeting between Indira…
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Pika Ghosh, editor ; essays by Pika Ghosh, Janice Leoshko, Darielle Mason, Padma Kaimal… 2006 .

Ackland Art Museum.

In search of divine presence / Pika Ghosh -- The significance of early South Asian sculpture / Janice Leoshko -- Reintegrating the cosmos : North Indic temple fragments / Darielle Mason -- South Indian sculpture / Padma Kaimal.
Saloni Mathur. 2007 .

Mathur, Saloni.

Introduction : Colonial patterns, Indian styles -- The Indian village in Victorian space : the department store and the cult of the craftsman -- "To visit the Queen" : on display at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886…
8. Indian art Book , Print in English
Vidya Dehejia. 1997 .

Dehejia, Vidya.

Using a contextual approach, this book considers the meaning of the word "art" in the Indian cultural mileau, the relationship between the subcontinent's religious traditions, the status of artists, and the impact of trade and travel on artistic development.
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edited by Darielle Mason ; with essays by Pika Ghosh ... [et al.]. 2009 .

Background Texture: Lives and Landscapes of Bengal's Embroidered Quilts / Darielle Mason -- From Rags to Riches: Valuing Kanthas in Bengali Households / Pika Ghosh…
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12. Lives of Indian images Book , Print in English
Richard H. Davis. 1999 .

Davis, Richard H.

"For many centuries, Hindus have taken it for granted that the religious images they place in temples and home shrines for purposes of worship are alive. Hindu priests bring them to life through a complex ritual "establishment" that invokes the god or goddess into material…
Clare E. Harris. 2012 .

Harris, Clare.

note: 1. Tibet Museum in the West -- 2. Younghusband Mission and Tibetan Art -- 3. Picturing Tibet for the Imperial Archive -- 4. Photography and the Politics of Memory -- 5. Tibet Museum in Exile -- 6. Tibet Museum in Lhasa -- 7. Invention of Tibetan Contemporary Art…
Edited by Amy S. Landau ; with contributions by Qamar Adamjee, Glaire D. Anderson,… 2015 .

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Hiram W. Woodward, Jr. ; with contributions by Donna K. Strahan ... [et al.]. 1997 .

Woodward, Hiram W.

"The sculpture of Thailand includes some of the most beautiful and significant works made anywhere in Asia, but it is among the least studied and least well understood. This pathbreaking and authoritative book tells the story of this sculpture, beginning with the art of the…
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Marylin M. Rhie, Robert A.F. Thurman ; collection curator, Philip Rudko ; photography,… 2009 .

Rhie, Marylin M.

Forewords / Dalai Lama and Robert A. F. Thurman -- Collector's Preface / Alice S. Kandell -- Author Prefaces / Marylin M. Rhie and Robert A. F. Thurman -- Tibetan Shrine / Robert A. F. Thurman…
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