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For electronic reserves…

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Eisenhower Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a list of electronic materials, see

1. Bus 174 Video/Film , DVD in Portuguese

THINKFilm in association with HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films presents a Zazen Production… 2002 .

A powerful, award-winning examination of the tragic series of events that followed a desperate bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 that turned deadly when a SWAT team took evasive action against the drug-addled hijacker.
John Charles Chasteen. 2001 .

Chasteen, John Charles, 1955-

"This history of Latin America will delight any reader. Fully informed by the latest scholarship, this survey spans six centuries and covers twenty countries. John Charles Chasteen presents a narrative of the Latin American experience, animated by stories about men and women from…

3. Cidade de Deus City of god Video/Film , DVD in Portuguese

Miramax Films ; O2 Filmes and Videofilmes ; produção, Andrea Barata Ribeiro e… 2003 .

A tale of how crime affects the poor population of Rio de Janeiro. Though the narrative skips around in time, the main focus is on Cabeleira who formed a gang called the Tender Trio. He and his best friend, Bene, become crime lords over the course of a decade. When Bene is killed…
Luis F. López-Calva, Nora Lustig, editors. 2010 .

"Why is inequality finally declining in a region marked by uncommonly high---and previously persistent---income disparities? And what does it imply for the future? In this excellent book, Lopez-Calva, Lustig, and their outstanding team of authors do not shy away from the…
Sebastian Edwards. 2010 .

Edwards, Sebastian, 1953-

Latin America : the eternal land of the future -- Latin America's decline : a long historical view -- From the Alliance for Progress to the Washington Consensus -- Fractured liberalism : Latin America's incomplete reforms -- Chile, Latin America's brightest star…

6. La ley de Herodes Herod's law Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Bandidos Films presentan ; una película de Luis Estrada ; productor y director, Luis… 1999 .

The tiny town of San Pedro de los Saguaros needs a new Mayor, as the populace has assassinated several. As a reward for his party loyalty, the ruling governor gives hapless junk dealer Damián Alcázar the post. An honest if idealistic man, Vargas arrives with his beautiful,…

8. La noche de los lapices Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Cameo ; Aries Cinematográfica ; dirección, Hector Olivera ; producción, Fernando Ayala. 1986 .

A film based upon the testimony of Pablo Diaz, the only survivor of this tragic episode. In 1976, security forces kidnapped seven student leaders who were agitating for reduced bus fares. Four years later, Pablo was set free, while the other six were among the many who…

9. La Patagonia rebelde Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

producer, Fernando Ayala ; director, Hector Olivera ; screenplay, Osvaldo Bayer,… 1974 .

Film based on actual historical events involving the brutal military suppression of a series of strikes by rural workers in the southernmost province of Argentina in the early 1920's.