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Thornton, Thomas, Intersession 2020
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Michael Hallett, Joshua Hays, Byron Johnson, Sung Joon Jang, and Grant Duwe. 2017 .

Hallet, Michael,

Angola : "human life had no value" -- Prison religion and Angola's prison seminary -- Angola and the seminary in context -- Identity transformation, religion, and desistance in prison…
William F. Lynch ; with a new introduction by Glenn C. Arbery. 2004 .

Lynch, William F., 1908-1987.

The definite -- Time -- Tragedy -- Comedy -- The univocal and equivocal -- The analogical -- The theological imagination -- The Christian imagination -- Supplements : On the definite -- On time -- On analogy : a bibliography -- Medieval exegesis.
5. Christian human rights Book , Print in English
Samuel Moyn. 2015 .

Moyn, Samuel,

"In Christian Human Rights, Samuel Moyn asserts that the rise of human rights after World War II was prefigured and inspired by a defense of the dignity of the human person that first arose in Christian churches and religious thought in the years just prior to the outbreak of the…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    JC571 .M862 2015 c. 1 | Virtual Shelf Browse
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6. Collected works Book , Print in English
7. The complete stories Book , Print in English
  • Eisenhower D Level
    PQ3529 .O23 1972 c. 2 | Virtual Shelf Browse
    Checked out, Due: Jun 30 2021
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8. Discipleship Book , Print in English
Dietrich Bonhoeffer ; translated by Barbara Green and Reinhard Krauss ; introduction by… 2015 .

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945,

Discipleship is a classic exposition of what it means to follow Christ in a modern world beset by a dangerous and criminal government. Every call of Jesus is a call to death, Bonhoeffer wrote. His own life ended in martyrdom on April 9, 1945. Using the acclaimed DBWE translation,…
Larry Eskridge. 2013 .

Eskridge, Larry, 1954-

The Jesus People movement of the late 1960s and 1970s was an important force in the lives of millions of American Baby Boomers. This unique combination of the hippie counterculture and evangelical Christianity first appeared amid 1967's famed 'Summer of Love' in San Francisco's…
Omri Elisha. 2011 .

Elisha, Omri, 1972-

"In this evocative ethnography, Omri Elisha examines the hopes, frustrations, and activist strategies of American evangelical Christians as they engage socially with local communities. Focusing on two Tennessee megachurches, Moral Ambition reaches beyond political controversies…
13. Mystery and manners: occasional prose Book , Print in English
selected & edited by Sally and Robert Fitzgerald. 1969 .

O'Connor, Flannery.

14. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: writings Book , Print in English
selected with an introduction by Ursula King. 1999 .

Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.

"Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a French Jesuit theologian and scientist renowned for his pioneering field work in paleontology. His visionary writings on the reconciliation of faith and evolutionary theory aroused the suspicions of the Vatican and he was forbidden to…
Vincent W. Lloyd. 2011 .

Lloyd, Vincent W., 1982-

Introduction : beyond supersessionism -- Theopolitical virtues. Love -- Faith -- Hope. Theopolitical strategies. Tradition -- Liturgy -- Sanctity -- Revelation -- Prophecy -- Conclusion : politics of the middle -- Appendix : political theology as a rigorous science.
16. Selected short stories of William Faulkner Book , Print in English
Thirteen stories deal with small town southern life, love, betrayal, murder, and arson. Faulkner was a master of the short story. Most of the stories in this collection are drawn from the greatest period in his writing life, the fifteen or so years beginning in 1929, when he…
17. Selected writings Book , Print in English
Thomas Aquinas ; edited and translated with an introduction and notes by Ralph McInerny. 1998 .

Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.

"In this selection, arranged chronologically, Ralph McInerny brings together sermons, commentary responses to criticism and substantial extracts from one of Christianity's supreme masterpieces, the Summa theologiae. For anyone concerned to find ways of reconciling science and…
18. Signposts in a strange land Book , Print in English
Walker Percy ; edited with an introduction by Patrick Samway. 1991 .

Percy, Walker, 1916-1990.

19. Theological investigations Book , Print in English
by Karl Rahner ; translated with an introduction by Cornelius Ernst. 1974 .

Rahner, Karl, 1904-1984.

v. 1. God, Christ, Mary and grace -- v. 2. Man in the church -- v. 3. Theology of the spiritual life -- v. 4. More recent writings -- v. 5. Later writings -- v. 6. Concerning Vatican Council II -- v. 7. Further Theology of the Spiritual Life 1…
20. Why liberalism failed Book , Online in English
Patrick J. Deneen ; foreword by James Davison Hunter and John M. Owen IV. 2018 .

Deneen, Patrick J., 1964-

"Of the three dominant ideologies of the twentieth century--fascism, communism, and liberalism--only the last remains. This has created a peculiar situation in which liberalism's proponents tend to forget that it is an ideology and not the natural end-state of human political…