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edited by Ron Briley, Michael K. Schoenecke, and Deborah A. Carmichael. 2008 .

"Sports films are popular forms of entertainment around the world, but beyond simply amusing audiences, they also reveal much about class, race, gender, sexuality, and national identity. In All-Stars and Movie Stars, Ron Briley, Michael K. Schoenecke, and Deborah A. Carmichael…
edited by Ron Briley, Michael K. Schoenecke, and Deborah A. Carmichael. 2008 .

3. Children of glory: Szabadság, szerelem Video/Film , DVD in Hungarian
Andrew G. Vajna presents ; story by Joe Eszterhas ; screenplay by Joe Eszterhas, Éva… 2006 .

Depicts the bravery of the Hungarian water polo team against the Soviet team who was favored to win at the Melbourne Olympics. While Soviet tanks invade Budapest killing thousands of Hungarians, the Hungarian water polo team with determination was able to beat the Soviet team.
Tony Shaw and Denise J. Youngblood. 2010 .

Shaw, Tony, 1965-

The Cold War was as much a battle of ideas as a series of military and diplomatic confrontations, and movies were a prime battleground for this cultural combat. Tony Shaw and Denise Youngblood show Hollywood sought to export American ideals in movies like Rambo, and the Soviet…
5. East plays West: sport and the Cold War Book , Print in English
edited by Stephen Wagg and David L. Andrews. 2007 .

Totalitarian regimes and Cold War sport: steroid "Ubermenschen" and "ball-bearing females" / Rob Beamish and Ian Ritchie -- Verbal gymnastics: sports, bureacracy, and the Soviet Union's entrance into the Olympic Games, 1946-1952 / Jennifer Parks…
6. The games: a global history of the Olympics Book , Print in English
David Goldblatt. 2018 .

Goldblatt, David, 1965-

"The definitive sports and social history of the modern Olympic Games-by one of the most celebrated sportswriters of our time,"--NoveList.
7. Miracle Video/Film , Blu-ray , DVD in English , French , Portuguese , Spanish , Thai
Walt Disney Pictures presents ; a Mayhem Pictures production ; produced by Mark Ciardi… 2009 .

Based on the true story of the most famous team in the history of American sports: the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. Follow from the team's selection process to the ultimate victory over Finland for the gold. Celebrates American patriotism at its best.
8. Miracle on ice Video/Film , VHS in English
Filmways Productions, Inc. 1989 .

Story of the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team that made sports history by taking the gold medal in hockey away from the Soviets.
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    Video A6741 c. 1
9. Olympia: the complete original version Video/Film , DVD in German , English
produced, written, and directed by Leni Riefenstahl. 1938 .

A chronicle of the 1936 Olympic games held in Berlin.
10. The Olympics, a history of the modern games Book , Print in English
Allen Guttmann. 2002 .

Guttmann, Allen.

Traces the history of the modern Olympics from 1896 to 2000, contrasting the ideal of the game with the often politicized reality.
11. Rocky IV Video/Film , DVD in English , French , Spanish
United Artists ; a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production. 2001 .

Rocky's training takes him to icy Siberia where he prepares for a globally-televised match in Moscow to face Drago, a six-foot, 261-pound fighter who has the backing of the Soviet Union.
12. Das wunder von Bern: The miracle of Bern Video/Film , DVD in German , French
Christal Films and Bavaria Film International present a production of Little Shark… 2003 .

Summer, 1954. The Soviet Union is sending its prisoners of war home. Among them is the father of a quiet, football-loving 11-year-old, Matthias, who lives with his mother, sister and brother in a West-German mining town. The boy has long found a surrogate father in the local…