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650.681, Spring 2020

Thompson, Terry, Spring 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
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1. Cyber war will not take place Book , Print in English
Thomas Rid. 2013 .

Rid, Thomas, 1975-

"Cyber war is coming," announced a landmark RAND report in 1993. In 2005, the U. S. Air Force boasted it would now fly, fight, and win in cyberspace, the "fifth domain" of warfare. This book takes stock, twenty years on: is cyber war really coming? Has war indeed entered the…
John P. Carlin with Garrett M. Graff. 2019 .

Carlin, John P., 1973-

"Over the past decade, there have been a series of internet-linked attacks on American interests, including North Korea's retaliatory hack of Sony Pictures, China's large-scale industrial espionage, Russia's 2016 propaganda campaign, and quite a lot more. The cyber war is upon…
3. The global war for Internet governance Book , Print in English
Laura DeNardis. 2014 .

DeNardis, Laura, 1966-

The Internet has transformed the manner in which information is exchanged and business is conducted, arguably more than any other communication development in the past century. Despite its wide reach and powerful global influence, it is a medium uncontrolled by any one…
Adam Segal. 2017 .

Segal, Adam, 1968-

"For more than three hundred years, the world wrestled with conflicts that arose between nation-states. Nation-states wielded military force, financial pressure, and diplomatic persuasion to create "world order." Even after the end of the Cold War, the elements comprising world…
5. LikeWar: the weaponization of social media Book , Print in English
P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking. 2018 .

Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren),

"Social media has been weaponized, as state hackers and rogue terrorists have seized upon Twitter and Facebook to create chaos and destruction. This urgent report is required reading, from defense expert P.W. Singer and Council on Foreign Relations fellow Emerson Brooking"--
David E. Sanger. 2018 .

Sanger, David E.,

"In 2015, Russian hackers tunneled deep into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee, and the subsequent leaks of the emails they stole may have changed the course of American democracy. But to see the DNC hacks as Trump-centric is to miss the bigger, more…