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070.363, Spring 2020

Thornton, Thomas, Spring 2020
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1. After secular law Book , Print in English
edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Robert A. Yelle, and Mateo Taussig-Rubbo. 2011 .

Recent scholarship has called into question the simplistic narrative of a separation between law and religion and blurred the boundaries between these two categories, enabling new accounts of their relation that do not necessarily either collapse them together or return law to a…
Michael Hallett, Joshua Hays, Byron Johnson, Sung Joon Jang, and Grant Duwe. 2017 .

Hallet, Michael,

Angola : "human life had no value" -- Prison religion and Angola's prison seminary -- Angola and the seminary in context -- Identity transformation, religion, and desistance in prison…
Darren Dochuk. 2019 .

Dochuk, Darren,

A groundbreaking new history of the United States, showing how Christian faith and the pursuit of petroleum fueled America's rise to global power and shaped today's political clashes Anointed with Oil places religion and oil at the center of American history. As prize-winning…
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd. 2015 .

Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman, 1970-

"In recent years, North American and European nations have sought to legally remake religion in other countries through an unprecedented array of international initiatives. Policymakers have rallied around the notion that the fostering of religious freedom, interfaith dialogue,…
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Darren E. Grem. 2016 .


The Book of Matthew cautions readers that 'Ye cannot serve God and mammon,' but for at least a century conservative American Protestants have been trying to prove that adage wrong. 'The Blessings of Business' argues that while preachers, activists, and politicians have all helped…
Dennis Shere. 2005 .

Shere, Dennis.

"Formerly known as America's bloodiest prison, the 18,000 acres that comprise Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary are now home to 5,000 inmates, a full range of seasonal crops, a 9-hole golf course, yearly rodeos, a Bible seminary, a museum, and much more. All of this came into…
8. A common faith Book , Print in English
John Dewey ; introduction by Thomas M. Alexander. 2013 .

Dewey, John, 1859-1952,

Religion versus the religious -- Faith and its object -- The human abode of the religious function.
Burton Folsom and Anita Folsom. 2015 .

Folsom, Burton W.

Recounts the relationship between the authors and death-row inmate Mitchell Rutledge, who, with the authors' support, became a leader and role model for others in prison.
10. Four letters on toleration Book , Print in English
by John Locke. 1876 .

Locke, John, 1632-1704,

Darren Dochuk. 2012 .

Dochuk, Darren.

The dramatic and largely unknown story of "plain-folk" religious migrants: hardworking men and women from Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas who fled the Depression and came to California for military jobs during World War II. Investigating this fiercely pious community at a…
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Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Adam Kotsko. 2013 .

Agamben, Giorgio, 1942-

What is a rule, if it appears to become confused with life? And what is a human life, if, in every one of its gestures, of its words, and of its silences, it cannot be distinguished from the rule? It is to these questions that Agamben's new book turns by means of an impassioned…
13. History and presence Book , Print in English
Robert A. Orsi. 2016 .

Orsi, Robert A.,

"One of the greatest sources of violence in modern history has been the question of what Jesus meant when he told his disciples at the Last Supper to eat the bread of his body and drink the wine of his blood and to do so always in remembrance of him. It erupted in Europe in the…
Andrew Johnson. 2017 .

Johnson, Andrew, 1978-

Prisons and jails in Rio de Janeiro are violent and crowded; they are governed by narco-gangs and are intensely religious spaces. Rio's penal institutions reflect the social world of the poor neighbourhoods where most of the inmates lived before their arrests. They are places…
edited by George Levine. 2011 .

Introduction / George Levine -- Challenges for secularism / Philip Kitcher -- Disenchantment -- Reenchantment / Charles Taylor -- Enchantment? No, thank you! / Bruce Robbins -- Shock therapy, dramatization, and practical wisdom / William E. Connolly…
Robert Louis Wilken. 2019 .

Wilken, Robert Louis, 1936-

In the ancient world Christian apologists wrote in defense of their right to practice their faith in the cities of the Roman Empire. They argued that religious faith is an inward disposition of the mind and heart and cannot be coerced by external force, laying a foundation on…
18. The mind of the South Book , Print in English
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan. 2019 .

Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers, 1950-

Most people in the United States today no longer live their lives under the guidance of local institutionalized religious leadership, such as rabbis, ministers, and priests; rather, liberals and conservatives alike have taken charge of their own religious or spiritual practices.…
Omri Elisha. 2011 .

Elisha, Omri, 1972-

"In this evocative ethnography, Omri Elisha examines the hopes, frustrations, and activist strategies of American evangelical Christians as they engage socially with local communities. Focusing on two Tennessee megachurches, Moral Ambition reaches beyond political controversies…
Lynn Comella and Shira Tarrant, editors. 2015 .

Why do people use pornography? Is porn addiction a fact or myth? What is revenge porn and is it illegal? Can pornography be more diverse? This interdisciplinary collection presents well-researched facts and up-to-date data that encourages informed discussion about controversial…
Kevin M. Kruse. 2015 .

Kruse, Kevin Michael, 1972-

"We're often told that the United States is, was, and always has been a Christian nation. But in One Nation Under God, historian Kevin M. Kruse reveals that the idea of 'Christian America' is an invention--and a relatively recent one at that. As Kruse argues, the belief that…
Saba Mahmood. 2005 .

Mahmood, Saba, 1962-

25. Politics of religious freedom Book , Print in English
edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Saba Mahmood, and Peter G.… 2015 .

Religious freedom has achieved broad consensus as a condition for peace. Faced with reports of a rise in religious violence and a host of other social ills, public, and private actors have responded with laws and policies designed to promote freedom of religion. But what…
26. Religion in the university Book , Print in English
Nicholas Wolterstorff. 2019 .

Wolterstorff, Nicholas,

What is religion's place within the academy today? Are the perspectives of religious believers acceptable in an academic setting? In this lucid and penetrating essay, Nicholas Wolterstorff ranges from Max Weber and John Locke to Ludwig Wittgenstein and Charles Taylor to argue…
Saba Mahmood. 2016 .

Mahmood, Saba, 1962-

The plight of religious minorities in the Middle East is often attributed to the failure of secularism to take root in the region. Religious Difference in a Secular Age challenges this assessment by examining four cornerstones of secularism--political and civil equality, minority…
Kevin Lewis O'Neill. 2015 .

O'Neill, Kevin Lewis, 1977-

"Secure the Soul shuttles between the life of Mateo, a born-again ex-gang member in Guatemala and the gang prevention programs that work so hard to keep him alive. Along the way, this poignantly written ethnography uncovers the Christian underpinnings of Central American…
Ted A. Smith. 2015 .

Smith, Ted A., 1968-,

1. Touchstone -- 2. Fate of Law -- 3. Divine Violence as the Relief of Law -- 4. Higher Law -- 5. Politics of Pardon -- 6. Not Yet the End.
Ted A. Smith. 2015 .

Smith, Ted A., 1968-

Conventional wisdom holds that attempts to combine religion and politics will produce unlimited violence. Concepts such as jihad, crusade, and sacrifice need to be rooted out, the story goes, for the sake of more bounded and secular understandings of violence. Ted Smith upends…