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190.326, Spring 2020

Katz, Richard, Spring 2020
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Christopher H. Achen, Larry M. Bartels. 2017 .

Achen, Christopher H.,

note: ch. One Democratic Ideals and Realities -- ch. Two Elusive Mandate: Elections and the Mirage of Popular Control -- ch. Three Tumbling Down into a Democratical Republick: "Pure Democracy" and the Pitfalls of Popular Control…
James S. Fishkin. 2018 .

Fishkin, James S.,

Democracy requires a connection to the 'will of the people'. What does that mean in a world of 'fake news', relentless advocacy, dialogue mostly among the like-minded, and massive spending to manipulate public opinion? What kind of opinion can the public have under such…
David M. Farrell. 2011 .

Farrell, David M., 1960-

"Electoral Systems examines the six principle types of electoral system currently in use in more than seventy of the world's democracies. A common format is adopted throughout, dealing with explanations of how the system operates and its effects on the political system."--
Guy S. Goodwin-Gill. 1994 .

Goodwin-Gill, Guy S.

5. Models of democracy Book , Print in English
David Held. 2006 .

Held, David.

"David Held provides an introduction to central accounts of democracy from classical Greece to the present, and a critical discussion of what democracy should mean today." "This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to take account of significant transformations in…
Monica Youn, editor. 2011 .

1. Introduction / Monica Youn -- pt. I "Electoral Exceptionalism": Do Elections Have Special Status under the First Amendment? -- 2. Campaign Finance Regulation and First Amendment Fundamentals / Robert Post…
Revisiting the free and fair question / Michael D. Boda -- Democratic principles and judging free and fair / Richard S. Katz -- Judging elections by their outcome? / Louis Massicotte…