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Thomas Poguntke. 1993 .

Poguntke, Thomas.

1. Introduction -- 2. The Characteristics of the New Politics -- 3. The New Politics: A New Political Paradigm or Just a Fad of the Young? -- 4. The New Politics Party: A New Type of Party -- 5. The Electorate of the Green Party -- 6. The Green Party Activists…
by James Q. Wilson. 1966 .

Wilson, James Q.

Jana Morgan. 2011 .

Morgan, Jana, 1977-

"Explores the phenomenon of party system collapse through a detailed examination of Venezuela's traumatic party system decay, as well as a comparative analysis of collapse in Bolivia, Colombia, and Argentina and survival in Argentina, India, Uruguay, and Belgium"--Provided by…
6. British political parties Book , Print in English
Justin Fisher. 1996 .

Fisher, Justin.

1. The Development of British Political Parties and the British Party System -- 2. The Role of Political Parties in Britain Today -- 3. The Conservative Party -- 4. The Labour Party -- 5. The Liberal Democrats -- 6. The 'Others' in the British Party System…
Susan C. Stokes, Yale University, Thad Dunning, Yale University, Marcelo Nazareno,… 2013 .

Stokes, Susan Carol.

Brokers, Voters, and Clientelism addresses major questions in distributive politics. Why is it acceptable for parties to try to win elections by promising to make certain groups of people better off, but unacceptable, and illegal, to pay people for their votes? Why do parties…
edited by Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh. 1988 .

Alan Ware. 1988 .

Ware, Alan.

[by] Abram de Swaan. With a pref. by Anatol Rapoport. 1973 .

Swaan, A. de.

12. Comparing party system change Book , Print in English
edited by Jan-Erik Lane & Paul Pennings. 1998 .

1. Introduction / Paul Pennings and Jan-Erik Lane -- Pt. 1. Comparing party system change -- 2. Electoral instability and party system change in Western Europe / Svante Ersson and Jan-Erik Lane -- 3. Coalition potential and governmental power / Stefano Bartolini…
13. The costs of coalition Book , Print in English
Carol Mershon. 2002 .

Mershon, Carol

Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair. 2018 .

Katz, Richard S.,

Political parties have long been recognized as essential institutions of democratic governance. Both the organization of parties, and their relationships with citizens, the state, and each other have evolved since the rise of liberal democracy in the 19th and early 20th…
by M. Ostrogorski. With a pref. by James Lipset. [Translated from the French by… 1964 .

Ostrogorski, M. (Moisei), 1854-1919.

v. 1. England.--v. 2. The United States.
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    • v.1-2
Moisei Ostrogorski ; edited and abridged by Seymour Martin Lipset. 1964 .

Ostrogorski, M. (Moisei), 1854-1919.

v. 1. England -- v. 2. The United States.
Pradeep K. Chhibber. 1999 .

Chhibber, Pradeep K., 1956-

"India's party system has undergone a profound transformation over the last decade. The Congress Party, a catchall party that brought independence in 1947 and governed India for much of the period since then, no longer dominates the electoral scene. Political parties that draw…
21. Electoral strategies and political marketing Book , Print in English
edited by Shaun Bowler and David M. Farrell. 1992 .

"Research on election campaigning has been left to journalists for the most part and available studies have tended to focus only on one country or even just one party, usually the victor. Despite the central importance of elections to representative democracy, there is no…
Karl-Heinz Nassmacher (ed.). 2001 .

Comparative political finance in established democracies (introduction) / Karl-Heinz Nassmacher -- Political finance in the United States / Ruud A. Koole and Karl-Heinz Nassmacher -- Political finance in old dominions : Australia and Canada / Dima Amr and Rainer Lisowski…
edited by Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair. 1994 .

1. Party Organizations: From Civil Society to the State / Peter Mair -- 2. Party Organization as an Empty Vessel: Parties in American Politics / Richard S. Katz and Robin Kolodny -- 3. The Development of Austrian Party Organizations in the Post-war Period / Wolfgang C. Muller…
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28. Interest groups in Italian politics Book , Print in English
30. The logic of party democracy Book , Print in English
Alan Ware. 1979 .

Ware, Alan.

Herbert Kitschelt. 1989 .

Kitschelt, Herbert.

Hans-Dieter Klingemann ... [et al.]. 2006 .

"This book is probably the most important source of evidence published up to now on the consolidation of democracy in Eastern Europe. It provides estimates of party positions, voter preferences and government policy from election programmes collected systematically for 51…
34. Money in American elections Book , Print in English
Giovanni Sartori. 1976 .

Sartori, Giovanni, 1924-

[edited by] Mark D. Brewer, L. Sandy Maisel. 2013 .

1. Political Science and the Study of Parties: Sorting Out Interpretations of Party Response / Jeffrey M. Stonecash -- 2. Diminishing Oddness of American Political Parties / Nicol C. Rae…
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edited by Jean Blondel and Maurizio Cotta. 1996 .

1. Introduction / J. Blondel and M. Cotta -- 2. Britain / J. Blondel -- 3. France / L. Morel -- 4. Sweden / O. Ruin -- 5. Germany / T. Konig and U. Liebert -- 6. Austria / W. C. Muller, W. Philipp and B. Steininger -- 7. Finland / J. Nousiainen…
Marty Cohen ... [et al.]. 2008 .

note: 1. Outrageous Nomination of Hubert Humphrey -- 2. Whose Parties? -- 3. Creation of New Parties -- 4. Weak Structures, Strong Parties -- 5. Last Hurrahs of the Old System -- Appendix to Chapter 5: State Parties in 1952 -- 6. Mastering the Postreform System…
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E.E. Schattschneider ; with a new introduction by Sidney A. Pearson, Jr. 1942 .

Schattschneider, E. E. (Elmer Eric), 1892-1971.

"What do we need to know about political parties in order to understand them? In his classic study, E. E. Schattschneider delineates six crucial points: A political party is an organized attempt to get control of the government. Parties live in a highly competitive world. The…
edited by Petr Kopecký, Peter Mair and Maria Spirova. 2012 .

'Party Patronage and Party Government in European Democracies' brings together insights from the worlds of party politics and public administration in order to analyze the role of political parties in public appointments across contemporary Europe.
46. Party policy and government coalitions Book , Print in English
edited by M.J. Laver and Ian Budge. 1992 .

47. Party politics in America Book , Print in English
Paul Allen Beck, Marjorie Randon Hershey. 2000 .

Beck, Paul Allen.

David Karol. 2009 .

Karol, David, 1969-

In this book David Karol explains important variations in party position change, enhancing our understanding of parties, interest groups, and representation.
Anika Gauja. 2016 .

Gauja, Anika,

'Party Reform' is a new comparative study of the politics of party organisation. It provides a novel perspective in party scholarship and develops the concept of 'reform' as distinct from evolutionary and incremental processes of party change.