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010.413, Spring 2020

Lakey, Christopher, Spring 2020
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1. Aesthetics: lectures on fine art Book , Print in English
by G.W.F. Hegel. Translated by T.M. Knox. 1975 .

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831.

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edited by Matthew Rampley, Thierry Lenain, Hubert Locher, Andrea Pinotti, Charlotte… 2012 .

Reflection on the history and practice of art history has long been a major topic of research and scholarship, and this volume builds on this tradition by offering a critical survey of many of the major development in the contemporary discipline, such as the impact of digital…
edited by Donald Preziosi. 2009 .

What is art history? Why, how and where did it originate, and how have its aims and methods changed over time? This work is a guide to understanding art history through a critical reading of the field's most influential texts over the past two centuries.
edited by Donald Preziosi. 1998 .

Art History: Making the Visible Legible / Donald Preziosi -- Ch. 1. Art as History -- Reflections on the Imitation of Greek Works in Painting and Sculpture / Johann Joachim Winckelmann -- Winckelmann Divided: Mourning the Death of Art History / Whitney Davis…
From the German of Heinrich Wölfflin with a prefatory note by Sir Walter Armstrong. 1928 .

Wölfflin, Heinrich, 1864-1945.

edited by Richard Shone, John-Paul Stonard. 2013 .

"Which were the books that shaped art history as it developed in the twentieth century? This pioneering volume is a concise and brilliant study of the discipline of Art History and an invaluable resource for students, teachers, bibliophiles and all those interested in visual…
8. The critical historians of art Book , Print in English
9. Critical terms for art history Book , Print in English
edited by Robert S. Nelson and Richard Shiff. 2003 .

10. Critical terms for art history Book , Print in English
edited by Robert S. Nelson and Richard Shiff. 1996 .

At the Place of a Foreword: Someone Looking, Reading, and Writing / Robert S. Nelson -- 1. Representation / David Summers -- 2. Sign / Alex Potts -- 3. Simulacrum / Michael Camille -- 4. Word and Image / W. J. T. Mitchell -- 5. Narrative / Wolfgang Kemp…
Griselda Pollock. 1999 .

Pollock, Griselda.

"In this book, art historian Griselda Pollock makes a compelling intervention into a debate at the very centre of feminist art history: should the traditional canon of the 'Old Masters' be rejected, replaced or reformed? What 'difference' can feminist 'interventions in art's…
Griselda Pollock. 1999 .

Pollock, Griselda.

In this book, art historian Griselda Pollock makes a compelling intervention into a debate at the very centre of feminist art history: should the traditional canon of the 'Old Masters' be rejected, replaced or reformed? What 'difference' can feminist 'interventions in art's…
13. Global studies: mapping contemporary art and culture Book , Print , Conference in English
Hans Belting [and others] (eds.) ; texts by Julia T.S. Binter [and others]. 2011 .

Editorial -- Global Studies: Mapping Contemporary Art and Culture / Peter Weibel -- Content of the Present Volume / Jacob Birken -- Between Local and Global Markets -- Versatile Collaborations: Narratives of Alighiero Boetti's Afghan Embroideries / Nicola Mullerschon…
14. Hegel and the arts Book , Print in English
edited by Stephen Houlgate. 2007 .

Introduction : an overview of Hegel's aesthetics -- Symbolic, classical, and romantic art / Terry Pinkard -- Hegel's architecture / David Kolb -- Hegel on the beauty of sculpture / Stephen Houlgate -- Carnation and the eccentricity of painting / John Sallis…
15. A history of art history Book , Print in English
Christopher S. Wood. 2019 .

Wood, Christopher S.,

"In this wide-ranging and authoritative book, the first of its kind in English, Christopher S. Wood tracks the evolution of the historical study of art from the late Middle Ages through the rise of the modern scholarly discipline of art history. Synthesising and assessing a vast…
16. History of the art of antiquity Book , Print in English
Johann Joachim Winckelmann ; introduction by Alex Potts ; translation by Harry Francis… 2006 .

Winckelmann, Johann Joachim, 1717-1768.

"Translation of a foundational text for the disciplines of art history and archaeology. Offers a systematic history of art in ancient Egypt, Persia, Etruria, Rome, and, above all, Greece that synthesizes the visual and written evidence then available"--Provided by publisher.
Horst Bredekamp ; translated, edited, and adapted by Elizabeth Clegg. 2018 .

Bredekamp, Horst, 1947-

19. Is art history global? Book , Print in English
edited by James Elkins. 2007 .

Art history as a global discipline / James Elkins -- Notes on art history in Latin America / Andrea Giunta -- On David Summers's Real spaces / James Elkins -- The modality of spatial categories / Friedrich Teja Bach -- Is a truly global art history possible? / Ladislav Kesner…
20. Late Roman art industry Book , Print in Italian , English
Alois Riegl ; translated from the original Viennese edition with foreword and… 1985 .

Riegl, Alois, 1858-1905.

21. The limewood sculptors of Renaissance Germany Book , Print in English
Michael Baxandall. 1980 .

Baxandall, Michael.

22. Meaning in the visual arts Book , Print in English , German
Erwin Panofsky. 1955 .

Panofsky, Erwin, 1892-1968.

23. The origin of perspective Book , Print in English
Hubert Damisch ; translated by John Goodman. 1994 .

Damisch, Hubert.

Pt. 1. This Point Assigned by Perspective. 1. At the Crossroads. 2. Perspective, a Thing of the Past? 3. Knowledge and Truth…
Michael Baxandall. 1988 .

Baxandall, Michael.

Michael Baxandall. 1974 .

Baxandall, Michael.

Discusses the way in which social history may be read in the style of paintings.
T.J. Clark. 1999 .

Clark, T. J. (Timothy J.)

Ch. 1. View from Notre Dame -- Ch. 2. Olympia's Choice -- Ch. 3. Environs of Paris -- Ch. 4. Bar at the Folies-Bergere.
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T.J. Clark. 1984 .

Clark, T. J. (Timothy J.)

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28. Perspective as symbolic form Book , Print in English
Erwin Panofsky ; translated by Christopher S. Wood. 1991 .

Panofsky, Erwin, 1892-1968.

edited by Sarah Hamill and Megan R. Luke. 2017 .

Reproductive vision: photography as a history of sculpture / Sarah Hamill and Megan R. Luke -- "Pictorial silhouettes" and their surroundings: archaic sculpture and archaeological photography / Stefanie Klamm -- Sculpture from behind / Jeremy Melius…
Heinrich Wölfflin ; a new translation by Jonathan Blower ; essays by Evonne Levy and… 2015 .

Wölfflin, Heinrich, 1864-1945,

note: Principles Of Art History: The Problem Of The Development Of Style In Early Modern Art -- Contents [1915] -- Prefaces -- Introduction -- ch. 1 Linear And The Painterly -- ch. 2 Plane And Recession -- ch. 3 Closed Form and Open Form (Tectonic and Atectonic)…
Aby Warburg ; introduction by Kurt W. Forster ; translation by David Britt. 1999 .

Warburg, Aby, 1866-1929.

Introduction / Kurt W. Forster -- Editorial Foreword / Gertrud Bing -- Antiquity in Florentine Bourgeois Culture -- Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Spring (1893) -- Sandro Botticelli (1898) -- Picture Chronicle of a Florentine Goldsmith (1899)…
Matthew Rampley. 2013 .

Rampley, Matthew,

"Analyzes the emergence and development of art history as a discipline in Austria-Hungary. Focuses on the ways in which ideas about art and its history became intertwined with political and social identity, and on the cultural politics that shaped the final years of the Habsburg…
38. Writing art history: disciplinary departures Book , Print in English
Margaret Iversen and Stephen Melville. 2010 .

Iversen, Margaret.

Since art history is having a major identity crisis as it struggles to adapt to contemporary global and mass media culture, this book intervenes in the struggle by laying bare the troublesome assumptions and presumptions at the field's foundations in a series of essays.