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010.440, Spring 2020

Rustem, Unver, Spring 2020
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1. Clothing culture, 1350-1650 Book , Print in English
edited by Catherine Richardson. 2004 .

Introduction / Catherine Richardson. Fabrics of nation. The cultural significance of costume books in sixteenth century Europe / Ulrike Ilg -- A question of nation : foreign cloth on the English subject / Roze Hentschell…
edited by Donald Quataert. 2000 .

"Tracing a host of topics relating to consumption, this book describes and analyzes the rise of mass fashion dress, changing fashions in clothing, the transcultural significance of tulip consumption, the rise of print advertising, the use of food as a marker of elite status, and…
edited by Cornelia Aust, Denise Klein, and Thomas Weller. 2019 .

Marilyn Booth, editor. 2010 .

Harem Historica is an interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring the harem as it was imagined, represented, and experienced in Middle Eastern and North African societies, as well as by visitors to those societies. One theme that threads through the collection is the…
edited by Sussan Babaie and Melanie Gibson. 2017 .

note: Fantasies of the East: `Shopping' in Early Modern Eurasia / Suet May Lam -- Armenian Artist Minas and Seventeenth-Century Notions of `Life-Likeness' / Amy S. Landau…
edited by Elisabeth A. Fraser. 2019 .

"From scorching Spain and freezing Muscovy" : English Embroidery and Early Modern Mediterranean Trade / Sylvia Houghteling -- A Tale of Two Guns : Maritime Weaponry between France and Algiers / Meredith Martin and Gillian Weiss…
8. Ottoman costumes: from textile to identity Book , Print in English
edited by Suraiya Faroqhi and Christoph K. Neumann. 2004 .

The study of clothes and dressing has great potential for social and cultural history. Typically Ottoman urbanites situated their fellow men after a glance at the clothing worn by the latter. As to the women, such conclusions were more difficult to draw, as all females were to be…
9. Ottoman women in public space Book , Print in English
edited by Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet. 2016 .

"Using a wealth of primary sources and covering the entire Ottoman period, Ottoman Women in Public Space challenges the traditional view that sees Ottoman women as a largely silent element of society, restricted to the home and not seen beyond the walls of the house or the public…
Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz. 2012 .

Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy,

note: Prelude: Why Semiotics? -- Introduction: Communication and Semiotics -- Pt. I Semiotic Theory and Communication Theory -- 1. Introducing Semiotics -- 2. Signs -- 3. Codes -- Pt. II From Semiotic Theory to Communication Behavior -- 4. Food as Sign and Code…
photography and concept, Ahmet Ertuğ ; essays by Patricia L. Baker, Hülya Tezcan,… 1996 .

The imperial robe collection at Topkapı Palace Museum / Hülya Tezcan -- Textile patterns on royal Ottoman kaftans / Patricia L. Baker -- The technical skill of Ottoman craftsmen / Jennifer Wearden.
edited by D. Fairchild Ruggles. 2000 .

"The first to combine the study of representation, gender theory and Muslim women from a historical and geographical perspective, this book examines where women have represented themselves in art, architecture, and the written word in the Muslim world. The authors explore the…