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061.152, Spring 2020

Roche, Jimmy, Spring 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
videos on reserve the MSE Service Desk on M-Level (instructor copies available at the Film Centre); enrolled course users: for a list of electronic materials, see
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1. Alfred Hitchcock's strangers on a train Video/Film , DVD in English
[presented by] Warner Bros. Pictures ; screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Czenzi Ormonde… 1951 .

A tennis star (Guy) is harassed on a train by a psychotic (Bruno) who wants to swap murders and who proceeds to carry out his part of the unconfirmed bargain. The British version amplifies Bruno's flamboyance, his homoerotic attraction to Guy, and his psychotic personality.
2. The Beast Pageant Video/Film , DVD in English
Jubadaba Productions; directed by Albert Birney and Jon Moses. 2010 .

Abraham lives deep in the heart of an industrial wasteland. His only companion is a giant machine. Inside the machine is a man and a woman who take care of Abraham's every need. Abraham drifts through daily life until a tiny singing cowboy bursts from his stomach and leads him…
3. By Brakhage: an anthology Video/Film , DVD in English
producers, Peter Becker, Kate Elmore. 1954 .

Twenty-six masterworks by Stan Brakhage for the first time on DVD.
4. The complete Jacques Tati Video/Film , DVD in French
directed by Jacques Tati. 2014 .

Jour de fête: In this enchanting debut feature, Jacques Tati stars as a fussbudget of a postman who is thrown for a loop when a traveling fair comes to his village.
5. Hukkle Video/Film , DVD in Hungarian
Mokép RT és a Szinház és Filmmüvészeti Egyetem bemutatja ; Pálfi György filmjét… 2002 .

A mesmerizing symphony of sight and sound that chronicles a series of mysterious interconnected events both idyllic and sinister, from an elderly man's hiccup (or hukkle) to a microscopic menagerie of animals.
6. The Lawrence Jordan album Video/Film , DVD in English
all films conceived, directed, and photographed by Lawrence Jordan ; Facets Video. 2008 .

Disc 1. Duo concertantes (9 min., 1961-1964) ; Gymnopédies (5 min., 1966) ; Our lady of the sphere (10 min., 1969) ; Orb (5 min., 1973) ; Once upon a time (12 min., 1974) ; Moonlight sonata (5 min., 1979) ; Carabosse (5 min., 1980) ; Masquerade (5 min., 1981) ; The Rime of th…
7. Maya Deren: experimental films Video/Film , DVD
directed by Maya Deren. 2007 .

Collection of short films by surrealist Russian-American filmmaker Deren, studying identity, movement, and freedom.
produced by the National Film Preservation Foundation ; curator, Scott Simmon ; music… 2004 .

An anthology of films from American film archives, produced between 1894 and 1931. In addition to rare silent-era features, includes cartoons and animation, documentaries and newsreels, earliest American movies, pioneering sound and color experiments, serial episodes, trailers…
9. Mutiny Video/Film , DVD in English
Abigail Child ; Video Data Bank presents. 1982 .

Child, Abigail,

Employs expression, gesture, and repeated movement to examine the possibilities and limitations of speech. Central images are of women: at home, on the street, at the workplace, at school, talking, singing, jumping on trampolines, playing the violin.
10. Possibly in Michigan Video/Film , DVD in English
written & directed by Cecelia Condit. 1983 .

"Possibly in Michigan is an operatic fairy tale of cannibalism, desire and dread in Middle America, a densely collaged narrative in which Beauty meets the Beast in the surreal landscape of shopping-mall suburbia"--Video Data Bank website.
11. Psycho Video/Film , DVD in English
Paramount ; screenplay by Joseph Stefano ; director of photography, John L. Russell ;… 1960 .

Hitchcock's classic film about the troubled Norman Bates whose old dark house and adjoining motel offer a supposed refuge for Marion Crane, the ill-fated traveler.
12. Rebecca Video/Film , DVD in English
a Selznick International Picture ; produced by David O. Selznik ; screenplay by Robert… 2017 .

A young woman who believes she has found her heart's desire when she marries the dashing aristocratic widower Maxim de Winter. But upon moving to Manderley, her groom's baroque ancestral mansion, she soon learns that his deceased wife's memory haunts not only the home but the…
13. The Sergio Leone anthology Video/Film , DVD in English
2007 .
Four "spaghetti westerns" that reinvented the genre. Clint Eastwood's role in the "man with no name" trilogy helped make him a star.
2009 .
  • Takashi Ito:film anthology = 伊藤高志映画作品集
A compilation of twenty experimental short films by Takashi Ito.
curated by Bruce Posner : produced for DVD by David Shephard : administered by Robert A.… 1894 .

This seven-disc collection offers 155 avant-garde films from 1894 to 1941.