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010.433, Spring 2020

Hyman, Aaron, Spring 2020
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1. ABC for book collectors Book , Print in English
John Carter. 2004 .

Carter, John, 1905-1975.

"This reference book contains over 450 alphabetical entries ranging in length from a single line to several pages. Each entry consists of a definition and analysis of the technical terms of book collecting and bibliography, interspersed with comments on such subjects as auctions,…
Giulia Bartrum ; with contributions by Günter Grass, Joseph L. Koerner and Ute Kuhlemann. 2002 .

Bartrum, Giulia

3. Bibliography and the sociology of texts Book , Print in English
D.F. McKenzie. 1999 .

McKenzie, D. F. (Donald Francis)

"In Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts, D.F. McKenzie shows how the material form of texts crucially determines their meanings. He unifies the principal interests of both critical theory and textual scholarship to demonstrate that, as all works of lasting value are…
4. The book: a global history Book , Print in English
edited by Michael F. Suarez, S.J. and H.R. Woudhuysen. 2010 .

"This volume seeks to delineate the history of the production, dissemination, and reception of texts from the earliest pictograms of the mid-4th millennium to recent developments in electronic books."--Page xi.
5. The book history reader Book , Print in English
edited by David Finkelstein and Alistair McCleery. 2006 .

1. Introduction / David Finkelstein / Alistair McCleery -- 2. What is the history of books? / Robert Darnton -- 3. Bibliography, pure bibliography, and literary studies / Fredson Bowers -- 4. book as an expressive form / D. F. McKenzie…
Emily J. Peters ; contributions by Evelyn Lincoln, Andrew Stein Raftery. 2009 .

Peters, Emily J.

Systems and swells : the collective lineage of engraved lines, 1480-1650 / Emily J. Peters -- The engraved line and the viewer's imagination / Evelyn Lincoln -- The beneficence of the rule : decoding invention in engraving technique / Andrew Stein Raftery.
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Christopher P. Heuer. 2009 .

Heuer, Christopher P.

"The City Rehearsed examines architecture and print culture after the Protestant Reformation. Centered on the strange Netherlandish painter Hans Vredeman de Vries (1526-1609), it discusses changes in the definition of perspective and ornament under Protestant critiques of the…
Ad Stijnman. 2012 .

Stijnman, Ad.

"This comprehensively illustrated study is the first of its kind to cover all elements of the trade of engraving and etching throughout six centuries"--Publisher's website.
Michael Gaudio. 2008 .

Gaudio, Michael.

Introduction: White pebbles in the dark forest -- Savage marks: the scriptive techniques of early modern ethnography -- Making sense of smoke: engraving and ornament in de Bry's America -- Flatness and protuberance: reforming the image in Protestant print culture…
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Larry Silver and Elizabeth Wyckoff, editors ; [essays by] Lilian Armstrong ... [et al.]. 2008 .

Triumphs and travesties: printed processions of the sixteenth century / Larry Silver -- The oversize print in Italy / Suzanne Boorsch -- The triumph of Caesar woodcuts of 1504 and triumphal imagery in Venetian Renaissance books / Lilian Armstrong…
Bamber Gascoigne. 2004 .

Gascoigne, Bamber.

Amara Solari. 2019 .

Solari, Amara, 1978-

"Investigates the origins of Maya veneration of the Virgin Mary and the processes of religious transformation during the first two hundred years of Spanish colonization in Yucatán"--Provided by publisher.
Susan Lambert. 1987 .

Lambert, Susan.

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15. A new introduction to bibliography Book , Print in English
by Philip Gaskell. 1974 .

Gaskell, Philip.

The nature and purpose of bibliography 1 -- The main periods of book production 2 -- Book Production: The Hand-Press Period 1500-1800 -- The Hand-printed Book 5 -- Printing Type 9 -- Manufacture 9 -- Type-sizes; and description 12 -- Type faces 16 -- Gothic type 17…
Susan Dackerman ; with an essay by Thomas Primeau ; catalogue entries by Deborah Carton… 2002 .

Dackerman, Susan

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Sachiko Kusukawa. 2012 .

Kusukawa, Sachiko.

pt. 1 PRINTING PICTURES -- 1. Techniques and Craftsmen -- 2. Publishers' Calculations -- 3. Copying and Coloring -- 4. Control -- pt. 2 PICTURING MEDICINAL PLANTS -- 5. Accidents and Arguments: Fuchs's De Historia Stirpium…
Sachiko Kusukawa. 2011 .

Kusukawa, Sachiko.

Printing pictures -- Techniques and craftsmen -- Publishers' calculations -- Copying and coloring -- Control -- Picturing medicinal plants -- Accidents and arguments : Fuchs's De historia stirpium -- Arguments over pictures : reactions to Fuchs's De historia stirpium…
Antony Griffiths. 2016 .

Griffiths, Antony,

A landmark publication that catalogues the history and development of the printed image Gutenberg's invention of moveable type made it possible to print letters. But images could only be printed using two other technologies that were developed alongside letterpress. One depended…
edited by Ad Stijnman and Elizabeth Savage. 2015 .

note: pt. 1 Introduction to Colour in Printmaking 1400--1700 -- 1. Materials and Techniques for Early Colour Printing / Elizabeth Savage -- 2. Colour Printing in Relief before c.1700: A Technical History / Elizabeth Savage…
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edited by Susan Dackerman ; with essays by Susan Dackerman ... [et al.]. 2011 .

Printmaking And Knowledge -- Constellations And Configurations -- Observing Nature -- Observation / Lorraine Daston -- Rhinoceros -- Durer's Indexical Fantasy: The Rhinoceros and Printmaking / Susan Dackerman -- Theater Of Nature -- Illustrated Natural History / Claudia Swan…
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25. The Renaissance print: 1470-1550 Book , Print in English
David Landau and Peter Parshall. 1994 .

Landau, David.

I. Framing the Renaissance Print…
Sarah Werner. 2019 .

Werner, Sarah, 1969-

"The first part of the guide will provide an overview of printing a book, first describing the processes of making a book and then considering some of their consequences for the economics of book production. The second part of this guide will give more detailed information on…
Ann M. Blair. 2010 .

Blair, Ann, 1961-

"The Flood of Information brought to us by advancing technology is often accompanied by a distressing sense of "information overload," yet this experience is not unique to modern times. In fact, says Ann M. Blair in this intriguing book, the invention of the printing press and…
David S. Areford. 2010 .

Areford, David S., 1963-

"Structured around in-depth and interconnected case studies and driven by a methodology of material, contextual, and iconographic analysis, this book argues that early European single-sheet prints, in both the north and south, are best understood as highly accessible objects…
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