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010.648, Spring 2020

Caplan, Allison, Spring 2020
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2. The anthropology of art: a reader Book , Print in English
edited by Howard Morphy and Morgan Perkins. 2006 .

anthropology of art : a reflection on its history and contemporary practice / Howard Morphy and Morgan Perkins -- 1. Primitive art / Franz Boas -- 2. Split representation in the art of Asia and America / Claude Levi-Strauss…
Adam Herring. 2005 .

Herring, Adam, 1967-

Yuknoom's stare: the beholder's share -- Gesture and speech -- In the realm of the senses -- Piedras negras: capital city, canted landscape.
4. Art of the Andes: from Chávin to Inca Book , Print in English
Rebecca R. Stone. 2012 .

Stone, Rebecca, 1958-

ch. 1 Introduction -- ch. 2 Early and Chavin -- ch. 3 Paracas and Nasca -- ch. 4 Moche -- ch. 5 Tiwanaku and Wari -- ch. 6 Lambayeque, Chimu, and Chancay -- ch. 7 Inca.
Linda Schele, Mary Ellen Miller ; photographs by Justin Kerr. 1986 .

Schele, Linda.

By making full use of the progress in deciphering the Maya hieroglyphic code, this examines the world and minds of the creators of Maya art, including a look at the Maya calendar.
6. Breaking the Maya code Book , Print in English
Michael D. Coe. 1999 .

Coe, Michael D.

"The inside story of one of the great intellectual breakthroughs of our time - the last great decipherment of an ancient script - now revised and updated."--BOOK JACKET.
edited and introduced by Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman. 1994 .

Negritude : a humanism of the twentieth century / Léopold Sédar Senghor -- On national culture / Frantz Fanon -- National liberation and culture / Amilcar Cabral -- Can the subaltern speak? / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak…
Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory: An Introduction; Part One: Theorising Colonised Cultures and Anti-Colonial Resistance; Introduction; 1 Léopold Sédar Senghor Negritude: …
Carolyn Dean. 2010 .

Dean, Carolyn, 1957-

ch. One Rock and Remembrance -- ch. Two Rock and Reciprocity -- ch. Three Rock and Rule -- ch. Four Rock in Ruins.
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edited by Jeanette Favrot Peterson and Kevin Terraciano. 2019 .

In the sixteenth century, the Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagun and a team of indigenous grammarians, scribes, and painters completed decades of work on an extraordinary encyclopedic project titled 'General History of the Things of New Spain', known as the 'Florentine Codex'…
Catherine J. Allen ; with illustrations by Julia Meyerson. 2011 .

Allen, Catherine J.

Fringe -- Beginning -- I. Married Couple -- II. Fox! -- III. Inner Threads -- IV. Strange Spouses -- V. Listening to Numbers -- VI. "Chayri?" "And Then?" -- VII. At the Base of a Boulder -- VIII. House of Damned Souls -- IX. Cannibal Lover -- X. Mamacha -- XI. Inside Out…
Stephen Houston. 2014 .

Houston, Stephen D.

1. World That Matters -- 2. To Become Something Else -- 3. Life Within -- 4. Beauty That Cannot Die.
14. The Maya Book , Print in English
Michael D. Coe, Stephen Houston. 2015 .

Coe, Michael D.,

note: 1. Introduction -- setting -- Natural resources -- Areas -- Periods -- Peoples and languages -- Climate change and its cultural impact -- 2. Earliest Maya -- Early hunters -- Archaic collectors and cultivators -- Early Preclassic villages -- Middle Preclassic expansion…
edited by Jeffrey Quilter and Gary Urton. 2002 .

An overview of Spanish colonial commentary on Andean knotted string records / Gary Urton -- Spinning a yarn: landscape, memory, and discourse structure in Quechua narratives / Rosaleen Howard -- A khipu information string theory / William J. Conklin…
Julia Guernsey, John E. Clark, and Bárbara Arroyo, editors. 2010 .

1. Stone Monuments and Preclassic Civilization / Barbara Arroyo -- 2. Iconography of the Nahual: Human-Animal Transformations in Preclassic Guerrero, Morelos / Mary E. Pye -- 3. Sculpture from Teopantecuanitlan, Guerrero / Guadalupe Martinez Donjuan…
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18. Reading the Maya glyphs Book , Print in English
Michael D. Coe, Mark Van Stone. 2001 .

Coe, Michael D.

The Cultural Background of Maya Writing -- Overview of a civilization -- Scribes and artists -- The language of the inscriptions -- The Nature of the Maya Script -- Principles -- Syllabograms -- Morphosyllabic signs -- Logograms with phonetic complements -- Polyvalence…
Elizabeth Hill Boone. 2000 .

Boone, Elizabeth Hill.

"This investigation broadens our understanding of how preconquest Mexicans understood and presented themselves and how they used pictographic history for political and social ends. It also demonstrates how graphic writing systems developed, like mathematical or musical notation,…
Elizabeth Hill Boone and Gary Urton, editors. 2011 .

1. Introduction -- Their Way of Writing: Scripts, Signs, and Pictographies in Pre-Columbian America / Gary Urton -- 2. Cold War and the Maya Decipherment / Michael D. Coe -- 3. All Things Must Change: Maya Writing over Time and Space / Stephen D. Houston…
Rebecca Stone-Miller ; with contributions by Anne Paul, Susan A. Niles, Margaret… 1994 .

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

I. To Weave for the Sun: An Introduction to the Fiber Arts of the Ancient Andes / Rebecca Stone-Miller -- II. Procedures, Patterns, and Deviations in Paracas Embroidered Textiles / Anne Paul…
23. We people here: Nahuatl accounts of the conquest of Mexico Book , Print in English , Nahuatl , Spanish
James Lockhart, editor and translator. 1993 .

Perceptual-Expressive Modes, Group Consciousness, and General View in the Texts -- Conventions and Procedures…
Elizabeth Hill Boone and Walter D. Mignolo, editors. 1994 .

Introduction: Writing and Recording Knowledge / Elizabeth Hill Boone -- Literacy among the Pre-Columbian Maya: A Comparative Perspective / Stephen Houston -- Aztec Pictorial Histories: Records without Words / Elizabeth Hill Boone…