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140.346, Spring 2020

Hanson, Marta, Spring 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
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[edited by] C. Pierce Salguero. 2017 .

From its earliest days, Buddhism has been closely intertwined with medicine. Buddhism and Medicine is a singular collection showcasing the generative relationship and mutual influence between these fields across premodern Asia. The anthology combines dozens of English-language…
2. China's early empires: a re-appraisal Book , Print in English
edited by Michael Nylan and Michael Loewe. 2010 .

In recent decides archaeological discoveries, including manuscripts, have shed new fight on the history of China. For example, they make possible a wider and deeper account of the growth of cities and of the spread of chinese influence over distant areas. This book, with a focus…
4. The grand scribe's records Book , Print in English
Ssu-ma Chʻien ; William H. Nienhauser, Jr., editor ; Tsai-fa Cheng [and others],… 1994 .

Sima, Qian, approximately 145 B.C.-approximately 86 B.C.,

This project will result in the first complete translation of the Shih chi (The Grand Scribe s Records), one of the most important narratives in traditional China. Ssu-ma Ch ien (145-c.86 B.C.), who compiled the work, is known as the Herodotus of China. -- Publisher.
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    CHUNCAI - P c. 1
edited by Vivienne Lo and Christopher Cullen. 2005 .

note: Foreword / Susan Whitfield -- Introduction / Christopher Cullen -- 1. Manuscripts as sources in the history of Chinese medicine / Paul U. Unschuld / Zheng Jinsheng -- 2. general survey of medical works contained in the Dunhuang medical manuscripts / Wang Shumin…
the complete Chinese text with an annotated translation by Paul U. Unschuld. 2016 .

Bianque, active approximately 255 B.C.,

note: pt. I Prolegomena -- Introductory Remarks -- Historical Significance of the Nan jing -- Contents of the Nan jing -- Origin of the Nan jing -- Reception of the Nan jing in Later Centuries -- pt. II Text, Translation, Commentaries, and Notes -- Preliminary Note…
[Li Zhongzi] ; translated and annotated by Y.C. Kong. 2010 .

Li, Zhongzi, 1588-1655.

  • 内經知要譯詁:Huangdi Neijing : a synopsis with commentaries
  • [李中梓] ; translated and annotated by Y.C. Kong
How to attain longevity through the practice of the Dao (Dao Sheng) -- Yin Yang, the core of medical thinking (Yin Yang) -- Diagnosis by inspecting the countenance (Se Zhen) -- Diagnosis by pulse-taking (Mai Zhen) -- Visceral organ image (Zang Xiang) -- The conduits (Jing Luo)…
9. Nü yi za yan: Miscellaneous records of a female doctor Book , Print in English , Chinese
[translation by] Lorraine Wilcox and Yue Lu. 2015 .

Tan, Yunxian, approximately 1461-1554.

  • 女醫雜言:Miscellaneous records of a female doctor
  • [translation by] Lorraine Wilcox and Yue Lu
In this much awaited, highly anticipated translation of Tán Yŭnxián's Miscellaneous Records of a Female Doctor, Lorraine Wilcox offers us a rare gift. This text of 31 case studies, originally published in 1511 and unavailable for centuries, is undoubtedly one of the oldest…
translated by David Tod Roy. 1993 .


v. 1. The gathering -- v. 2. The rivals -- v. 3. The aphrodisiac -- v. 4. The Climax -- v. 5. The Dissolution.
11. Promoting medicine in the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368): an aspect of Mongol rule in China Manuscript/Archive , Print , Dissertation/Thesis in English , Chinese
Paul Jakov Smith and Richard von Glahn, editors. 2003 .

13. To taste a hundred herbs Video/Film , VHS in English
Long Bow Group, Inc. ; produced and directed by Carma Hinton, Richard Gordon ; writer,… 1987 .

Focuses on a Catholic doctor in a small village in China and shows how he combines traditional Chinese and Western medical procedures in his practice. Tells how the complex decollectivization policies in China are changing life there.
edited by Harold J. Cook. 2020 .