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Janet L. Abu-Lughod. 1991 .

Abu-Lughod, Janet L.

Studying a system in formation -- The cities of the Champagne Fairs -- Bruges and Ghent: commercial and industrial cities of Flanders -- The merchant mariners of Genoa and Venice -- The Mongols and the Northeast passage -- Cairo's monopoly under the slave sultinate…
2. The book of Ser Marco Polo Book , Print in English , French
3. Marco Polo and the discovery of the world Book , Print in English
John Larner. 1999 .

Larner, John, 1930-2008.

"After many years in Asia, Marco Polo wrote one of the most influential books of the past millennium. No mere travel account, Polo's Book is a work that played a key role in the development of European overseas expansion. In this book, historian John Larner explores for the first…
edited by Suzanne Conklin Akbari and Amilcare Iannucci ; with the assistance of John Tulk. 2008 .

"Few figures from history evoke such vivid Orlentallst associations as Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant, explorer. and writer whose accounts of the 'Far East' sparked literary and cultural imaginations. The essays in Marco Polo and the Encounter of East and West challenge what…
5. Marco Polo's book Book , Print in English
6. Marco Polo's book Book , Online in English
John Critchley. 1992 .

Critchley, John,

"Marco Polo and his book may seem to have been well served by scholars, yet the majority have been concerned to write about his travels in Asia, what he did or did not see, and how useful he is as a source on the East. John Critchley's subject, on the other hand, is the text of…
7. Travels, A.D. 1325-1354 Book , Print in English
translated with revisions and notes from the Arabic text edited by C. Defrémery and B.… 1958 .

Ibn Batuta, 1304-1377.

10. Writing with sources: a guide for students Book , Online in English
Gordon Harvey. 2017 .

Harvey, Gordon, 1953-

The role of sources. Sources of what? ; citing reliable sources ; Citing sources reliably ; Why cite? -- Integrating sources. Ways of bringing a source in ; Three basic principles ; Rules for quoting ; Quoting blocks ; Using discursive notes…