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100.426, Spring 2020

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Lyndal Roper. 1989 .

Roper, Lyndal.

This is a fascinating study of the impact of the Reformation idea of civic righteousness on the position of women in Augsburg.
Carlo GInzburg ; with a new preface ; translated by John and Anne C. Tedeschi. 2013 .

Ginzburg, Carlo,

Based on research in the Inquisitorial archives, the book recounts the story of a peasant fertility cult centered on the benandanti. These men and women regarded themselves as professional anti-witches, who (in dream-like states) apparently fought ritual battles against witches…
by Natalie Zemon Davis. 1975 .

Davis, Natalie Zemon, 1928-

Lyndal Roper. 2004 .

Roper, Lyndal.

The Baroque landscape -- Interrogation and torture -- Cannibalism -- Sex with the devil -- Sabbaths -- Fertility -- Crones -- Family revenge -- Godless children -- A witch in the age of enlightenment.