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010.237, Spring 2020

Stager, Jennifer, Spring 2020
Eisenhower Reserves
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1. Aphrodite Book , Print in English
Monica S. Cyrino. 2010 .

Cyrino, Monica Silveira.

WHY APHRODITE? -- 1. Introducing Aphrodite -- Who is Aphrodite? -- Aphrodite emerges -- evidence for Aphrodite -- Overview -- KEY THEMES -- 2. Birth, Origins, Names -- Birth -- castration of Ouranos -- Daughter of Zeus and Dione -- Origins -- Near Eastern Aphrodite…
2. Apollo Book , Print in English
Fritz Graf. 2009 .

Graf, Fritz.

Apollo is a comprehensive study of the Greek god in all his aspects, from the first attestations of his myth and worship to his reception in modern European and American culture. Fritz Graf uses literary texts, inscriptions, and archaeological finds to develop the complex image…
Bronwen L. Wickkiser. 2008 .

Wickkiser, Bronwen Lara, 1969-

"Delving deeply into ancient medical history, Bronwen L. Wickkiser explores the early development and later spread of the cult of Asklepios, one of the most popular healing gods in the ancient Mediterranean. Though Asklepios had been known as a healer since the time of Homer,…
  • Eisenhower C Level
    R138.W53 2008 c. 1 | Virtual Shelf Browse
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    R138 .W637 2008 c. 1 | Virtual Shelf Browse
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4. Athena Book , Print in English
Susan Deacy. 2008 .

Deacy, Susan.

In this definitive assessment of the various representations and approaches to Athena, Susan Deacy does what no other has done before and brings all the aspects of this legendary figure into one, outstanding study. A survey of one of the most enduringly popular of ancient…
5. Bakkhai Book , Print in English
Euripides ; a new version by Anne Carson. 2017 .


"A stunning, new translation by the poet and classicist Anne Carson, first performed in 2015 at the Almeida Theatre in London. Anne Carson writes, "Euripides was a playwright of the fifth century BC who reinvented Greek tragedy, setting it on a path that leads straight to reality…
6. Dionysos Book , Print in English
Richard Seaford. 2006 .

Seaford, Richard.

Why Dionysos? -- Introducing Dionysos -- Key themes -- Nature -- Communality -- Epiphany -- Mystery-cult -- Death -- Theatre -- Psychology and philosophy -- Christianity -- Dionysos afterwards -- After antiquity -- Dionysos and money, then and now.
Helen King. 2019 .

King, Helen, 1957-

"We need to talk about Hippocrates. Current scholarship attributes none of the works of the 'Hippocratic corpus' to him, and the ancient biographical traditions of his life are not only late, but also written for their own promotional purposes. Yet Hippocrates features powerfully…
8. The Homeric hymn to Demeter: translation, commentary, and interpretive essays Book , Print in English , Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
edited by Helene P. Foley. 1994 .

Pt. 1. The Text and Translation, Commentary, and Background. Text and Translation of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. Commentary on the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. Background: The Eleusinian Mysteries and Women's Rites for Demeter…
9. The Homeric hymns Book , Print in English
a translation, with introduction and notes, Diane J. Rayor. 2014 .

"This updated edition incorporates twenty-eight new lines in the first Hymn to Dionysos, along with expanded notes, a new preface, and an enhanced bibliography. With her introduction and notes, Rayor places the hymns in their historical and aesthetic context, providing the…
Thucydides ; selected, translated, and introduced by Johanna Hanink. 2019 .


Preface -- Introduction -- The speeches: On justifying a war: Pericles' first war speech -- On dying for your country: Pericles' funeral oration -- On holding the course: Pericles' last speech -- On Realpolitik: the Mytilenean debate -- On ruthlessness: the Melian dialogue…
11. The nature of things Book , Print in English
Lucretius ; translated and with notes by A.E. Stallings ; introduction by Richard Jenkyns. 2007 .

Lucretius Carus, Titus.

"Lucretius was a Roman philosopher and poet of the first century BC whose only known work is The Nature of Things (c.50 BC), a didactic poem in six books that expounds his philosophical beliefs. He followed Epicurean ideas, believing the world to be made up of tiny atoms moving…
  • Eisenhower D Level Blue Labels
    PA6483.E5 S73 2007 c. 1 | Virtual Shelf Browse
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    PA6483.E5 S73 2007 c. 2 | Virtual Shelf Browse
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Brooke Holmes. 2010 .

Holmes, Brooke, 1976-