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1. The art of Buster Keaton Video/Film , DVD in English

2001 .
Some of the funniest, most spectacularly athletic comedies starring Buster Keaton ever made. Keaton also wrote and directed many of his films.

2. The Chaplin Mutuals Video/Film , DVD in English

a Blackhawk Films compilation ; written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. 1916 .

Four early films in which Chaplin plays a variety of comedic characters. One a.m.: Charlie arrives home inebriated and tries to get into his house, upstairs and to bed. The Pawnshop: As a pawnbroker's helper, the objects in the shop provide a cornucopia of great prop-related gags…

3. Film art : an introduction Book , Print in English

David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson, Jeff Smith. 2020 .

Bordwell, David,

"Film Art provides the respected scholarship and analytic tools students need to understand key vocabulary and concepts of film forms, techniques, and history;appreciate a wide variety of classic and contemporary films and the creative choices made by filmmakers to shape the…

4. Film art : an introduction Book , Print in English

David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson. 2008 .

Bordwell, David.

Part 1. Film Art and Filmmaking -- Chapter 1. Film as Art: Creativity, Technology, and Business -- Film Artistry in Shadow of a Doubt -- Box: A Closer Look: Picking out Patterns -- Mechanics of the Movies -- Illusion Machined -- Making the Movie: Film Production…
Kino International ; [produced by] Film Preservation Associates and The British Film… 1994 .

The genesis of the motion picture medium is recreated in this collection of the cinema's formative works. More than crucial historical artifacts, these films reveal the foundation from which the styles and stories of the contemporary cinema would later arise.

7. A short history of the movies Book , Print in English

Gerald Mast, Bruce F. Kawin. 2011 .

Mast, Gerald, 1940-

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