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100.680.01, Fall 2021

Furstenberg, Francois, Fall 2021
Eisenhower Reserves
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1. Mapping an Atlantic world, circa 1500 Book , Print in English

Alida C. Metcalf. 2020 .

Metcalf, Alida C., 1954-

"The year 1500, Metcalf argues, was a turning point in Europeans' understanding of their world in relation to the Atlantic Ocean. In the sixteenth century, cartographers began to conceptualize-and present to the public-an interconnected Atlantic World that was open and navigable,…
Sara T. Damiano. 2021 .

Damiano, Sara T., 1986-

"This is a study in the history of capitalism in the context of colonial New England. The author argues that colonial women's skilled labor undergirded the workings of financial networks and was instrumental in shaping the development of economic and legal systems. The author…
Claudio Saunt. 2021 .

Saunt, Claudio,

"A masterful and unsettling history of the forced migration of 80,000 Native Americans across the Mississippi River in the 1830s. On May 28, 1830, Congress authorized the expulsion of indigenous peoples from the East to territories west of the Mississippi River. Over the next…
Sujit Sivasundaram. 2021 .

Sivasundaram, Sujit,

"Per the UK publisher William Collins's promotional copy: "There is a quarter of this planet which is often forgotten in the histories that are told in the West. This quarter is an oceanic one, pulsating with winds and waves, tides and coastlines, islands and beaches. The Indian…