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William W. Hagen. 2012.

Hagen, William W. 1942-

"This history of German-speaking central Europe offers a very wide perspective, emphasizing a succession of many-layered communal identities. It highlights the interplay of individual, society, culture, and political power, contrasting German with western patterns. Rather than…
Mary Fulbrook. 2015

Fulbrook, Mary, 1951-

"The fourth edition of A History of Germany, 1918-2014: A Divided Nation introduces students to the key themes of 20th century German history, tracing the dramatic social, cultural, and political tensions in Germany since 1918. Now thoroughly updated, the text includes new…
Kaja Silverman. 2015

Silverman, Kaja,

Volume one focuses on the nineteenth century and some of its contemporary progeny. It begins with the camera obscura, which morphed into chemical photography and lives on in digital form, and ends with Walter Benjamin. Key figures discussed along the way include Nicéphore…

Ocean flowers : impressions from nature Book , Print in English

edited by Carol Armstrong & Catherine de Zegher. 2004.

"The book focuses on natural-history imagery in the mid-nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the botanical drawings and photograms by the artist Anna Atkins (1799-1871) and her Victorian contemporaries." "In addition to providing a feast for the eyes, the book…
Bertrand Lavédrine ; with Jean-Paul Gandolfo, John McElhone, and Sibylle Monod ;… 2009.

Lavédrine, Bertrand.

"In recent years, interest in old photographs has grown significantly among a broad public, from collectors, conservators, and archivists to amateurs seeking to preserve precious family albums. Although the medium of photography is barely 150 years old, its relatively brief…
Carol Armstrong. 1998.

Armstrong, Carol M.

"Today we are so accustomed to seeing photographs wedded to text - whether in the family album or daily newspaper - that the verbal framing of the photograph has become invisible. The text is internalized within the image, and the meaning of the photograph becomes clear and…
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