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Merback, Mitchell, Fall 2021
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Ausstellung und Katalog von Bodo Brinkmann ; mit einem Beitrag von Berthold Hinz =… ©2007.

Baldung, Hans, -1545.

"Hans Baldung Grien (1484-1545) created many drawings and etchings depicting the fantastic behaviour of witches, but only one painting, the world famous "Two Witches" (1523). With his unique artworks, the painter used the gruesome appearance of the supernatural to give casual…
Michael Camille. 1998.

Camille, Michael.

"Romantic love is as old as time, but many of the symbols of love that we enjoy and use today - hearts and flowers, sentimental gifts and poems - were born in the medieval era, the age of chivalry." "Here you can discover that courtly world through its exquisite paintings and…
Samuel Y. Edgerton. 2009.

Edgerton, Samuel Y.

Introduction: picturing the mind's eye -- Crisis in Christendom -- And God said, "Let there be light!" perspectiva naturalis -- Fra Antonino -- When did perspectiva naturalis become perspectiva artificialis? -- Brunelleschi's mirror -- Brunelleschi's method…

The road to Van Eyck Book , Print in English

Stephan Kemperdick, Friso Lammertse. 2012

"... catalogue presents more than 90 masterpieces of Netherlandish, French and German art from around 1400. The richly illustrated catalogue sheds light on what and who inspired the renowned painter Jan van Eyck ..."--Exhibition website.

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