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230.348.01, Fall 2021

Levien, Michael, Fall 2021
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Ashley Dawson. 2019 .

Dawson, Ashley, 1965-

"How will climate change affect our lives? Where will its impacts be most deeply felt? Are we doing enough to protect ourselves from the coming chaos? In Extreme Cities, Ashley Dawson argues that cities are ground zero for climate change, contributing the lion's share of carbon…
Juliet B. Schor. 2011 .

Schor, Juliet,

A groundbreaking statement about ecological decline, suggesting a radical change in how we think about consumer goods, value, and ways to live. In True Wealth , economist Juliet B. Schor rejects the sacrifice message, with the insight that social innovations and new technology…
edited by Varshini Prakash and Guido Girgenti of the Sunrise Movement. 2020 .

"An urgent and definitive collection of essays from leaders and experts championing the Green New Deal-and a detailed playbook for how we can win it-including contributions by leading activists and progressive writers like Varshini Prakash, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Bill McKibben, Rev…