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Ginsberg, Benjamin, Spring 2022
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edited by Andrew Pessin and Doron S. Ben-Atar. 2018

"Many scholars have endured the struggle against rising anti-Israel sentiments on college and university campuses worldwide. This volume of personal essays documents and analyzes the deleterious impact of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on the most cherished…

Antisemitism and the American far left Book , Print in English

"Stephen H. Norwood has written the first systematic study of the American far left's role in both propagating and combating antisemitism. This book covers Communists from 1920 onward, Trotskyists, the New Left and its black nationalist allies, and the contemporary remnants of…
editor, Eunice G. Pollack. 2011.

I. Antisemitism: The Hydra-Headed Monster -- Why University Administrators Tolerate Antisemitism / Benjamin Ginsberg -- Wellesley College: Antisemitism with White Gloves / Jerold S. Auerbach -- Antisemitism-Denial: The Berkeley School / Edward Alexander…
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Kevin MacDonald. 2020

MacDonald, Kevin B.,

The author presents an evolutionary theory of Jewish involvement in immigration policy, anthropology, psychoanalysis, an leftist political ideology.

The fatal embrace : Jews and the state Book , Print in English

Benjamin Ginsberg. 1993.

Ginsberg, Benjamin.

1. The Jews: Social Marginality and the Fatal Embrace of the State -- 2. Jews, State Building, and Anti-Semitism in Nineteenth-Century America -- 3. Jews and the American Liberal State: From New Deal to New Politics -- 4. Blacks and Jews: Anti-Semitism and Interdependence…
Benjamin Ginsberg. 2013

Ginsberg, Benjamin.

1. Introduction: The Problem of Jewish Resistance -- 2. Soviet Union: The War of the Engineers -- War and the Jews -- Jewish Soldiers in the Red Army -- Jews and Soviet Military Production -- Tanks -- Aircraft -- Artillery -- Popular Mobilization -- Jews and Soviet Victory…
John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt. 2007.

Mearsheimer, John J.

""The Israel Lobby," by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, was one of the most controversial articles in recent memory. Originally published in the London Review of Books in March 2006, it provoked both howls of outrage and cheers of gratitude for challenging what had been…
Joseph W. Bendersky. 2000.

Bendersky, Joseph W., 1946-

"While the pervasive anti-Semitism of "ordinary" Germans in the first half of the 20[superscript th] century has received much attention lately, very little has been written about America's own history of anti-Semitism. In the shocking The "Jewish Threat," Joseph Bendersky argues…
Timothy P. Weber. 2004.

Weber, Timothy P.

Dispensationalism comes to America -- The practical logic of dispensationalism -- Dispensationalists and the flow of history -- The complicated relationship between dispensationalists and Jews -- Dispensationalism's dark side -- The founding and expansion of Israel…

The origins of totalitarianism Book , Print in English

by Hannah Arendt. 1994.

Arendt, Hannah. 1906-1975

Bernard Harrison. 2006.

Harrison, Bernard, 1933-

"Recently, Jewish voices have begun to warn against a new "anti-Semitism" fueled by moral concerns about Israel. Opponents have retorted that opposition to "Zionism" is by no means anti-Semitic. This book, by a non-Jewish analytic philosopher, assesses the relative merits of…

The return of anti-semitism Book , Print in English

Gabriel Schoenfeld. 2004.

Schoenfeld, Gabriel.

"To anyone who has even a modest acquaintance with current events, it is clear that the Muslim world today is the epicenter of a particularly virulent brand of anti-Semitic hatred. But anti-Semitism has also reawakened dramatically in Europe, where it was long thought to be…
Christian Picciolini ; foreward by Joan Jett. 2015

Picciolini, Christian.

At 14 years old, Christian Picciolini, a bright and well-loved child from a good family, had been targeted and trained to spread a violent racist agenda, quickly ascending to a highly visible leadership position in America's first neo-Nazi skinhead gang. Just how did this young…
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